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On the topic of healthy eating, here is our simplified Pad Thai Recipe!:


Everyone loves food, right?

How amaze-balls would it be if I told you certain foods burned fat while you ate them? What if i also told you all of them are super delicious and easy to cook?

Would you crap your pants with excitement?

Me too.

… Just kidding.

I definitely love food. I love the therapeutic nature of cooking, I love exploring different cultures and palettes, I love feeding my temple with foods that help it grow healthier everyday.

But really though, some of these are super foods that should be implemented in your diet everyday to achieve optimum weight and health.

I wanted to share with y’all just how eating can be beneficial to weight loss and over-all health. Our body is our temple, and it thrives off the nutrients or poisons we feed it. I’ve enjoyed switching my diet to foods that balance my cakras, heal my PCOS, and help me reach a healthy weight, because the effects are absolutely worth it. My head is clear, my body isn’t tense, my attitude is better and my ability to immediately delete a negative thought is heightening.

Here are a few foods I’ve implemented for weight loss!


  • Did you know that Avocado lowers your cholesterol? They contain high amounts of monounsaturated oleic acid, naturally decreasing the dangerous LDL cholesterol in your blood while increasing the healthy HDL cholesterol
  • Contains high fiber and healthy fats to help turn off the “hungry switch”
  • Vitamins E & C, as well as carotenoids in this fruit help reduce inflammation, which in turn reduces pain
  • High fiber promotes healthy digestion
  • Vitamin E & Amino Acids penetrate deep into the skin and hair to improve over-all health, moisture and shine
  • Treats damaged hair & Dandruff
  • TIPS: Replace mayo with mashed avocado, use it on tacos, salads, soups, wraps and more! We like throwing it on-top of a tomato-quinoa.


  • Manganese allows the brain to function at its best
  • Contains Amino Acids that offer an energy boost
  • Anti-Oxidants fight free-radicals
  • High Fiber offers healthy digestion and lowers cholesterol
  • Vitamin C is present and building the immune system
  • Very high in Vitamin K1, which promotes bone health and prevention of calcification in the arteries. If you have high blood sugar levels, this is a great food to lower/balance them! There are two types of Vitamin K; K1 & K2, and we need both.  I found in an awesome Article written by Carly that most doctors believe humans normally do not intake enough K2, which is not found in kale.
  • High amounts of protein
  • TIPS: Use kale instead of ice-burg or romaine, in salads with feta or Parmesan cheese, in a mushroom soup, or in a delicious fruit smoothie!

*I use these amazing Protein Shake Cups for smoothies so we can easily drink a breakfast shake or a fruit/veggie smoothie on a run!


  • High in fiber, low in calories- which means you feel fuller longer, while in-taking less calories to burn off.
  • Green bananas contain lower GI scores, and more resistant starches than a ripe banana. This helps you feel fuller, lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. These effects combined, lead to weight loss.
  • Rich in potassium, which regulates the movement of nutrients and waste products in and out of the body. Potassium’s tendency to help muscles contract and nerve cells to respond leads to a healthy beating heart and reduce blood pressure.
  • Bananas contain B6, which does quite a few things for the body. This includes; strengthening the nervous system, producing white blood cells, promoting weight loss, and preventing diabetes.
  • High in anti-Oxidants, which fight free-radicals.
  • TIP: Freeze bananas for a thicker smoothie, add slices on-top of a yogurt/granola bowl or acai bowl, add to quick oats for healthy sweet flavor, or make banana pancakes with a bit of milk, flour and baking soda! Bananas are so versatile & delicious that we keep them in the house constantly. A bunch maybe lasts a day.

*Try using a Banana Case if you carry one around with you! This prevents your snack banana from becoming bruised along the way, and keeps it deliciously fresh!

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  • Contains Beta-Carotene, found in yellow, orange and dark green plant foods; which reduces the risk of developing asthma
  • High potassium foods like pineapple help reduce blood pressure
  • Vitamin C & other Anti-Oxidants prevent free-radicals; which are linked to cancer.
  • Free-Radicals are known to damage the reproductive system, so foods rich in the above nutrients will aid in conception.
  • Vitamin C helps reduce wrinkles, fight sun damage, and balancing collagen levels.
  • High fiber and water content allows pineapple to promote a healthy digestive tract and prevent constipation .
  • Bromelain, present the most in pineapples, is a protein digesting enzyme which produces peptides and amino acids that reduce swelling & inflammation.
  • TIP: Eat raw, frozen, or blended! We like to freeze pineapple and cover it with chocolate. (: Pineapple also proves delicious in a bean salsa, or marinade for meat. We chop it into bite-sized pieces and add it to lunches for the week.


  • Contains B-complex vitamins to promotes a healthy metabolism
  •  A fantastic source of iron, phosphorous, vitamin E, B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), potassium, B6, folic acid, copper, biotin, manganese, magnesium, calcium, beta carotene, zinc, and sodium.
  • High amounts of fiber and protein- which are great for staying full & losing weight
  • 20-hydroxyecdysone is also found in quinoa and may aid with weight control
  • Ideal for low-carb diets
  • Allergy restrictions such as wheat or dairy can be avoided by using quinoa
  • TIP: Add quinoa to any salad, soup, or breakfast dish. Try replacing rice & noodles with quinoa. I like it enough to add a bit of butter, oil, garlic, tomato and basil & call it a day. My meat eaters out there would probably love that under a big heap of marinated chicken.



  • Contains the majority of our daily proteins, vitamins, minerals and fats.
  • The many beneficial effects of seafood have primary been attributed to n-3 PUFAs such as EPA and DHA.
  • Contains phospholipids that, in short, decrease blood cholesterol and raise brain functionality
  • A major micronutrient in fish called protein which have some of the highest amino acid contents and are among the easiest to digest.
  • TIP: Roast salmon in the oven for the best result, and always use coconut oil if you can! Out of every other option; including butter, veggie oil, or olive oil- coconut oil proves to give you a super moist, tender salmon that’s full of flavor. All other options create a much more tough salmon. Stay away from cod & tilapia, as they are very dirty fish. Try adding seafood to tacos, salads, and wraps! We absolutely love to roast salmon in the oven and add it to a delicious salad or risotto.

I use coconut oil for absolutely everything. In soups, to fry food, to bake, in sauces, on my face, in my hair, on cuts & burns.. It is a cure-all, and the healthiest oil to cook with. I even give it to my animals. Here is the cheapest Organic Coconut Oil I could ind Y’all, because I know some of you are either curious or almost out. (:


In conclusion, eating can be delicious and healthy at the same time. There are so many super foods out there to try, and I will always share my experiences with y’all. I would love to hear your favorite foods and experiences trying these ones out! Let me know here, and I’ll feature it on our site/ socials!

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Have a wonderful day, We’ll see ya next time 🙂

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