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Whatsup my dudes.

So- everyone in the world goes through a house move at least once in their life, right?

Moving can be tough, especially if you have a family. You know what I’m talking about- the packing, preparing the kids, finding a solid new place, cleaning the house, unpacking, tons of messes and lifting. It’s not exactly fun.

Don’t fret my beautiful internet friends! I’m here to give you some hella great tips on making it easy-peasy. You know ya girl has done this a bunch of times, so I’ve come up with some seriously awesome hacks that I now swear by.

As you know, I’ve disappeared off of the face of the internet for three months, and it’s because we moved again. I have an explanation video coming out, so you can really get the full story.

I had to bust out the moving tips once again, and they never fail. This time was honestly the easiest I’ve ever had; as it was damn near stress-free. Can you believe it??

Here is how I did it:


  1. Start Packing Early

So, most people wait until the day the move starts to pack. But I can tell you that this is a big fat “No-No”. It easily takes at least six hours to pack a house, so why the actual F would you start the day you can begin moving stuff over?

I’ll tell you what; the best decision ever was packing up everything but the essentials during the week before we get the key. It has honestly saved our lives. That way, once you get the key you can start moving everything over that day, and only have a few boxes left of essentials to pack away. It is so unnecessarily stressful to pack and move stuff all at the same time.


How do you pack while residing in the home, you ask?


Start with the kitchen, and pack away all cookware and utensils that aren’t used regularly. I actually like to plan our meals that week to only use the same cast iron pan, so I can pack literally everything else away. Then move on to the common rooms, the bathroom, linen closets, basement and bedrooms.

Pack away:

  • clothes
  • shoes
  • electronics
  • games
  • decor
  • paper-work
  • toiletries (except daily items)
  • pantry items

I usually leave out only a few outfits, one pair of shoes, my hygiene care- and that’s it.

This way, no matter what the size of the family; each person only has one-two boxes of stuff to pack on the day of the move.

This tip has helped tremendously. Once we call our family members to help, there is no goofy business- just moving boxes and furniture. This saves our time as well as theirs when “moving day” comes along.

Here is the “Moving Kit” we purchased on Amazon to pack the house.

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2. Label Boxes Well

Bro, I cannot tell you how annoying it is to guesstimate what is in each box after we move. I got so sick of opening every box to find one thing, unpacking boxes with random shit in them, and not knowing what is in the ones we store away in the garage.

My life saving tip for that one?



It is absolutely worth the time to write every item on a sheet of paper for each box, and tape it to the side. Yes, it takes time to write every item down as you pack it. BUT- think of the hours you save by not needing to search everything. You can sift through each box simply by looking on the side. How simple?

I used to think labeling everything was pointless and a waste of time, but boy is it worth it. You can unpack quickly, and with confidence. You can also easily find items that are stored in the garage, without emptying every box and hoping to find it.

If you’re an adult, this tip can be super exciting. Which is comical.

You know you’re adulting when you jump for

joy @ the thought of easy organization.

Here is a cheap stack of Sticky Notepads that I used to tape to the side of each, if y’all would like to use them as well 🙂

3. Group Like-Items

While you’re labeling every item in each box, make sure you group stuff together well. For instance, pack kitchen pots/pans in one box, plates/bowls in another, and utensils in another. Place linen items in one box, as well as toiletries, games/entertainment, and electronics all together in their respective boxes.


My mom helped me pack during my second move, and we just kinda went from room to room, throwing random stuff in boxes and calling it “good”. Like not even placing them in the box neatly; literally just throwing it in a pile in a box. Nothing was labeled, organized or neat- and I was butt-hurt. It was so unbelievably tough to find everything, and a few things were lost/broken during the process.

This go-around, I took the time to organize it and the process became so much smoother, faster, and less stressful. It can be like a game of Tetris; placing each item in the box strategically and neatly so it was protected, and so as many items as possible could fit into the box. I found that it was much easier to unpack this time; I had each room done in twenty minutes. I knew where everything could go, lost 0 items, and consolidated boxes. So, I definitely recommend trying it out.

4. Tape Boxes

So, imagine moving a heavy box- trying to stay in the flow of things. It is heavy, but you’re going to make it to the truck.

Now imagine every bit of that box’s contents falling onto your feet mid stride.


I know this has happened to others, and it’s definately happened to me a few times.

Well, ya girl learned her lesson and now I tape the bottom of every box. I’m not kidding, every box. Even the smaller ones.

Here is the SUPER heavy duty tape I use. It’s straight from Amazon so I don’t have to leave my house.. hehehe.

I don’t have time to break my stuff, or pick it up & re-pack it when i’m trying to move quickly- and neither do you, I’m sure.

So, take the time to tape every box, because it may save some expensive items as well as a bunch of time. Someone during our last move tried telling me to just fold each bottom, and I laughed. There’s no way I’m trusting that anymore, when each box that has vomited items indeed was folded- so I don’t think it proves to be very trustworthy.

5. One At A Time

Unpacking the new home can be stressful as well, because everything becomes a mess all at once- and stays a mess until everything is unpacked and organized. Well, Momma doesn’t play that game; I dislike a messy house. A way around this is to unpack one room at a time.

I always start with the kitchen first, so I can immediately start cooking once we move and stop buying takeout. (We always eat takeout during)

Then I move to the bathroom, common areas, and bedrooms.


It’s much easier to clutter one room at a time instead of all at once, because this opens up the house for easy navigation. And each time you move to the next room, the last one is completely ready to live in. I love the comparison of stressful/stress-free unpacking, because I was totally over the clutter it creates if I do not follow this tip.

6. Checklist


You guys know I write out a list for basically everything.

I definitely recommend writing out a few different lists for the move, and sticking to them. Such as a packing list, cleaning list, and moving list.

On the packing list:

-Write down every room in the house, to ensure you are organized. Then write the groups of items you will box in each room. This tip will help you make sure everything is packed up.

On the cleaning list:

-Write down every chore you need to complete before moving out and signing the place over. For example- you’ll add tasks like; Sweep/ mop floors, wipe walls, wipe appliances, clean counters, rake/mow yard, clean windows- etc. Then write one for the new home.

On the moving list:

-Add every task that needs completed before, during and after the move.

Tasks such as; fill out forwarding addresses, pay all bills, pay down payment, purchase new house supplies, and receive the deposit back. These are just a few, but you know the tasks that are important to you.

Honestly, writing down these lists is going to give you an organized step-by-step during the move. This ensures you know exactly what you need to do everyday & in what order. Once it’s done you’ll look around & say,

“Wow, I’m moved… that was quick.”

Or, at least that’s how it goes for me.

I like to have set tasks, and go down the list one-by-one to finish each until the list is complete. This keeps me on track, moving quickly, and motivated. I’ve seen a lot of families take on a new move without a plan- and they just run around stressing the whole time.

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7. Clean Dat Bitch

Most people have no idea that they should disinfect a home before moving into it.


Honestly, though- who wants to move their stuff into a house with layers of gunk from the previous peeps?


“I’m good.”

Whether you see it or not- there is layers of nasty on the walls, counters, doors and windows. Especially where hands touch on the handles, cupboards, light fixtures, etc.

It takes Tyler & I only two hours now to go through our “new house” routine. We disinfect everything before we move a single item in. This way we know the gunk is gone, and we can comfortably live there.

We also disinfect every home we move out of as well.

Almost everyone forgets this part, or maybe just doesn’t care. Some people even leave trash and furniture when they move out, too.

However, in my experience- cleaning up hotels & houses before we finish our stay has always proven a great decision. You shouldn’t leave your funk for the next people, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a deposit back plus extra because we cleaned the place well enough that they didn’t need to.

Our first landlord gave us an extra $75 back on our deposit because that was the fee of a cleaning crew, and we made ourselves the cleaning crew. We even cleaned the carpets professionally.

It pays off; I promise.

Amazon even has a few options for a Cleaning Supply Kit, which you can use to clean the house entirely.

8. Always Cleanse

Last but definitely not least; I always burn sage in each house during the process. I do it in the new house before & after our belongings are brought over, then once in the old house after it’s cleared.


This is an ancient trick for cleansing any negative lingering energies in the area. You honestly never know what you’ve left behind, or what the next house has bottled from the last family. Sage smoke repels negative energy, while attracting healing energy. It’s a form of “Blessing” your home.

This goes way back into Tyler & I’s Irish and Cherokee heritage, so we always practice cleansing our homes!

I love walking around with sage, breathing and reciprocating love, and thanking the home for a great place to live.

It gives me a few moments during the moving process to clear my head and appreciate the life around me as well. Moving to a new home can be exciting, healing, and full of opportunity- so it’s important to appreciate your situation!


I know moving can be stressful guys- my first three times as an adult were very hectic. But upon following these hacks and a few more, this last move was literally the easiest shit of my life. The hardest part was lifting stuff. Tyler and I weren’t stressed at all about packing, organizing, or moving stuff over because we made sure we were organized, fast, and enjoying the whole process. I honestly feel like that’s how it should be every time. Now within one week my house is unpacked, cleaned, and ready for a party.

Within just a few days I was able to start working in the mornings, and enjoying the new property.

That’s where I’ve been though, guys! I didn’t disappear- I just relocated. Now I’m in a new home, with zero shitty roommates and I’m ready to work my booty off!

I seriously want to hear your moving horror stories, and especially your best tips!

Do you have a hack that makes life way easier? Let us know Here!

I’ll add it to our page 🙂

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Have a wonderful day, We’ll see ya next time 🙂





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