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Hey Y’all 🙂

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So, I was thinking.

I know that you are searching, too.

Searching for what, you ask?

Freedom. Expression. Financial Comfort. Travel.

I know that you work the same old job that bores & irritates you. I know that you dream of waking up on a different beach every week, eating at healthy/ cool restaurants, and never sacrificing your personal time for work. So do I.

I can tell you what, I got sick & tired of dreaming for it without ever seeing a possibility. I mean, what the F is the point in that?

So I made the change to do everything I could to create that reality, instead of just sitting & wishing.

You guys have been seeing all of the content we’ve been outputting; the blogs, the photography, the consulting meetings, the affiliations with top companies, and more.

But, how does it all work? How do we really make money by writing and creating content?

The answer is simple. And part of my job is literally to show you the way, through my experience and links.

All of you have seen the possibilities of this career being so bomb, and I’m amazed more of you haven’t jumped on the band-wagon after reading all of our content. I know you’re all capable and intelligent enough, so what are you waiting for?

I’m going to explain to you in very simple terms, so you don’t have three years of trial and error or  “paid” courses just to learn the inside scoop. Because most of you reading this, found it because you’re ready & searching for something better. You’ve figured it out, you’ve seen the possibilities and you know you can do it. Now you’re looking at one question:


How the heck do you build a website? How do you write a blog and back-link the correct campaigns in the best way? How do you utilize & navigate social media to market your name/site? How do you find, apply for & place ads- and where? If you’re new; these are questions I know you have. But you search for the information, and you hit a wall.

A money wall. “Buy our training course, and you’ll make thousands.”

That is usually true, and products like eBooks, Email Courses, and Seminars are usually hella worth the money- because of the perks involved.

But I know there is information that you guys need, that you should never have to pay for. I think it’s unfair that you have to pay to go to college, or buy an online course to learn the basics. Because I would have killed to have a free course or blog to reference when I first started- BOY would it have saved me a LOT of time.

So, my friends. I am here to give it to you for once. Do you want to learn how to monetize for FREE? Keep reading.

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The biggest way to excel is to become an employee at as many marketing agencies as possible. These are legitimate companies that offer affiliate links to their marketing professionals, so they can inter-lace all content with ads & links to awesome brands that they stand behind. This way you can have the widest range of affiliations possible that match your content niche.

- A Free Mini Course - (4)

For example, a fashion blogger will blog about travel, fashion, outfits of the day, top brands that get their rocks hard- and more topics along those lines. So, they will mostly use the affiliate links to top fashion companies, online shops, or local shops.

Crypto-currency bloggers will mostly output content about investing, Crypto-news, and different trends of the market, to allow their followers to effectively buy and sell the correct coins. In this case, you’ll see them utilizing a lot of Bitcoin Ads for investing companies or platforms.

A travel blogger will share content about how to travel cheaply, where to go, and beautiful photography of the places they visit. They will also include fashion blogging, food blogging and more to talk about the local shops they encounter, and the products they use along the way.

Although these are a few very popular topics, you can actually blog about literally whatever you want. Coincidentally, we are trained in all three.

It all ties into one job usually, and you will notice yourself doing a little bit of everything after a while of building your website. I mean, I even started creating a few pieces of mainstream content, like videos, ( as seen on my Instagram), or professional photography of myself. But mostly I create content according to what I’m genuinely passionate about, such as health tips, CBD treatment and financial Comfort.

Some of the reputable Companies that I’ve seen success with are down below. And they even take newbies 🙂

They offer a platform for tons of affiliate programs, all double checked for credibility. You can choose text link Ads, Banner Ads, or add your own Creative, if you choose to do so.

Remember, though- that they are legitimate employers, who pay you a government recorded salary according to commissions, so you have to fill out a W-9 form.

From there, you will use the accepted campaigns to place Ads in your website sidebars, or strategically on your home page, or inside your blogs. This is how you will generate click commissions if you receive high impressions on blogs.

Which is fantastic, because you’re basically getting paid to write about your passions.

You can use companies like TailWind to generate leads on blogs, reaching numbers of 100,000 almost every time if you play your cards right. You get your first month of premium FREE with my codes!

Click Here: FREE Tailwind Pro

Why should you utilize Ad Placements?

” Isn’t it like selling out?”

Not at all, and I’ll tell you why.

You see ads all over every single social media platform you use, correct? Sites such as Facebook & Twitter place those ads themselves and make click commissions every-time.

And let’s not forget that your website will have Ads on it regardless of your placement.

So, the smartest- and obvious thing to do, is make dat $$.

It takes only a few minutes each time to place your own ads on your site, and there’s honestly no reason to keep the one’s that make you zilch. Meaning a big fat zero.

So, go look at a few extremely popular blogs for a minute, and see how they place their ads. You want them stay out of the way of  real content on the page, but still entice readers.

And do me a favor- NEVER put ads up that you do not trust, or stand behind. If you blog about Bitcoin & place a diaper ad, you’ll probably see zero leads. But as a Crypto blogger- you stand behind coins, so place ads affiliating the platforms you use & trust. Such as Coinbase, or CCI.

BOOM. Leads.

Because people will grow to love your writing style, content and face. They will trust you to provide products that you trust and use. That’s called targeting campaigns, and Facebook utilizes it for you when you pay them to run ads, as well on their own ads.

You can get started today with a few of the most popular Ad Companies:




Genius Pipe

Let’s talk products.

So now that you know why & how you should content create, I want you to also consider your own product.

All successful Entrepreneurs well tell you one thing:

“To become a millionaire, you need multiple income streams to start.” -Rich People


Well, having a product definitely helps.

Whether you have a book, seminar, or product line to sell- it’s something you can make direct profits on, so long as you market correctly. For example, Pseudo Pharm has consistent online content, events hosted, books and more- but we also provide organic, handmade product lines for all of our loyal friends.

This includes:

  1. Organic Deodorant
  2. Natural Lip Balms
  3. CBD Products, such as; Bath Bombs, Lip Balms, Isolates, Salves
  4. Moisturizing & Detoxifying Bath Bombs
  5. Dream Cathers
  6. Fine Crystal Jewelry
  7. Bar Soaps & Castile Soaps
  8. …and more!

We also offer:

  1. Business Consulting
  2. Crypto-Currency Consulting
  3. Photography Sessions
  4. Website Building
  5. An Upcoming eBook 😉
  6. ..and more!


Why would we offer these products and services?

The answer is simple, it’s what we do for a living- make organic products for ourselves, and build online careers. We had so many people inquiring the ability to purchase our products, or consulting on how to build their own career- so we’ve had to make it easy.

We now have a decent set of tutorials on how to build a company, we’re working on about 35 more this month, and there’s an INCREDIBLY DETAILED eBook on the way. All to help you guys create your dream life too. And it helps pay the way for us to give you these free tools when you guys click the products you’ll use anyways though our special links.

We honor your dedication

This is what you should be doing as well, after you find your own money making niche. Seriously, I know you’re passionate about something.

People have successful accounts about slime balls, calligraphy, or feet. So I’m seriously not joking when I say you can monetize anything. 

You can build your own Online Shop with WordPress for a great price. You’ll need the Business Subscription, and the Storefront Theme. From there it’s easy to set up!

We have many blogs in the works touching topics such as monetizing, website building, social media marketing, and more. This is because we believe you guys deserve the information for FREE.  Stay tuned for awesome free tutorials 🙂

Out of all that has been said; I know one thing for sure.

I know each of you has a dream.

A dream of a comfortable life, full of travel and wonderful health. A life with the capability to take care of your family, and live in high society- while working the easiest job of your life.

Just know that I am here to give you the tools to do so. And also share my journey with you along the way.

I hope y’all received the information you were looking for. For free for once 😉

Thank you for reading, see ya next time 🙂



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