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Speaking of healthy,


I’d like to share a great experience with you.

Tyler and I have been exploring meal planning for a long time now, as we have been vegetarian for 1 1/2 & 3 years, and prepared snacks are an extremely helpful investment. We purchase groceries in 2-3 day sessions, as all of our food is fresh and cannot sit.



So, I’ve learned that quick, grab-and-go cold lunch-ables are a life-saver for our type of lifestyle. I spend my day running around to meetings, working from my home office, preparing the shifts work for my assistant, and make phone calls- while Tyler cleans up the house, washes dishes, takes care of the yard and plays video games. We need something small, quick and easy.

We spend 2 hours together in the kitchen to prep every 3 days. Instead of 1-2 hours every single day a few times a day to cook meals, or picking up fast food for convenience. (Which we typically do not touch anyways)

Well, it has gotten even better. I discovered GRAZEBOX, an organic/ pre-portioned snack subscription.


You start online to make a profile. They have every snack available shown on the site so you can “Like” or “Dislike” a snack, according to your preferences. You can also upload any allergies you may have, so no snack goes wasted.

GRAZEBOX ReviewEach box is $13.99 & includes 8 snack packs. Each pack is a sufficient portion for both Tyler & I.

I recieve each box in the mail and add it to our cupboard of pre-portioned snacks!

You guys HAVE to try this out, and if you’re just as in love as I am you can use

“PSEUDO3TB”    for your 1st & 5th box FREE!!!!



We have created three different video un-boxing & snack reviews for you guys, only for every video to become accidentally deleted. I have all of the footage, and will be re-editing that formulation of videos for y’all one day soon! But these snacks are so fantastic that I couldn’t keep from sharing the blog anyways, and adding the video later.


Every single snack I have received in these boxes are absolutely delicious. They’ve sent me all of the snacks I “Liked” and every single one of them has incredible flavors. The cool part is that they barely season certain ingredients, so the natural flavor rings so loudly in the medley of components.

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to appreciate those natural flavor combinations. I never expected a plain dehydrated carrot or beetroot chip to be so darn good!


I couldn’t wait any longer to share these with y’all- so the video will come to ya soon 🙂

I try every single snack I’ve received so far, and explain the benefits of using their program!


You guys, we all love snacks.

I don’t eat full meals everyday. Instead I eat one full meal and three-five snacks through the day and change it up every time. Sometimes it is a pre-made veggie/fruit snack box I prepared, or a quarter of a Chipotle Bowl, or roasted brussel sprouts, or a pb&j. Sometimes I grab these little packs of goodness and take them on-the-go with me.

It’s pretty cool how well they fit into our lifestyle, actually- because we usually wake up & start going. We spend time everyday cleaning, multiple friends come over to smoke / game / long-board everyday, we run errands, attend meetings, visit our shops, conduct photo-shoots, spend time working on the computer, and going for runs. We are always doing something, switching it up every hour or so. It’s the absolutely best when we have prepared food ready, so we can snack on-the-go or once we sit down to relax.


So I wanted to share. I also have a “SnackBox” coming, so be ready for that blog & video.

You guys, if you’re as lazy as me with cooking, then this is going to be a life-saver. The ONLY problem I’ve had with this company, is that we eat all 8 snacks in two days. They become priority over everything else that’s prepared, so they go quick! Even my roommates are snacking on them.


I’m very thankful to be able to share with you guys our unique codes.


Your FIRST & FIFTH box’s are FREE, on Us. 


Just click below, and use the code “PSEUDO3TB”.

I hope you guys enjoy these Organic Snack Boxes as much as we do 🙂

Thank you SO MUCH for always reading, and signing up for our Newsletter. We appreciate the opportunity to share our knowledge, tips, and free stuff with y’all 😉

Have a wonderful day, i’ll talk to ya soon.



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