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Hey y’all!

Which is your favorite? Swishers or papers?

Doesn’t matter!

Wanna know why? Because either way, you’re going to enjoy these more!


Beautiful Cones Rolling Papers is a dope-ass online company that offers Beautiful photography & the best cones ever!

They are made with natural palm pulp, and colored with natural hemp oil mixed with colors. The cones are easy to pack, super slow burning, and gorgeous!

These are available on for only $9.98 per box! Each pretty design includes 6 pre-roll cones & 2 plastic packing tools!

With built in filters, all you have to do is pack the herb into the cone tightly until you’ve reached the size you’d like, and twist the tip closed.

Simple. Easy. Beautiful.

I’m so thankful I get to share these with you guys, because I know you will love them! I fancied these so much after picking some up for special occasions, but now they are everyday use papers 🙂

I had reached out to Kathleen for marketing opportunities & she sent the company 6 boxes so we could properly share them with you guys.

We recorded a review video! Check it out and please subscribe 🙂

Thanks for Reading 🙂

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