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HUMPDAZE weekly vlog is up!

We are kicking off the first of many upcoming Youtube Series  with a vlog update every Wednesday!

In this series we will cover Cannabis & Crypto-Currency news, vlog clips, Pseudo Pharm announcements/ special deals, and EXCLUSIVE deals for the current products we can offer at discounted prices for y’all!

We are awaiting our umbrella lights, so we may start a professional set-up!!

You can get the same one’s here.

During this weeks video, I smoke on my favorite pipe ever, the Smoak Pipe. I got the whole kit, which includes a leather smell-proof case, a spool of hemp-wick, a ceramic dab attachment and a metal cleaning piece. I use it during every video, in between meetings, on the go in the car, chilling with friends, at the park- you name it, I’ve probably brought it.

How can I not? It’s portable, natural, sleek and packs a serious punch.

If y’all head over to his website and sign up for the Smoak Nation Email, you will receive regular sales coupons EXCLUSIVE to email friends. Currently he is running a sale for 60% OFF the Smoak Package deal- which is the same kit I have!

If you’d like to know more before you purchase, here is the Youtube Review I published:

Topics We Cover:

-Ohio Dispensary location announcements

-Kardashian diet’s are bad

-We’re launching a new product line!

-We’ve uploaded about 20 NEW jewelry pieces to the site!

Bitcoin is making everyone cringe

-Book a consulting meeting

Today’s Video was sponsored by:

Smoak Pipe:

Untitled design (5)

Get your very own pipe by clicking on our special link and typing in the code—-> Smoak Pipe 60% OFF TODAY!– Use Code: smellbgone until 5/30/18

& make sure you sign up for their email so you can receive the new sales every few days!

You can also purchase it on for fast Prime Shipping!



Get your FIRST & FIFTH box completely FREE with our code: PSEUDO3TB



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Beautiful Burns Rolling Papers:


Check out the most beautiful pre-roll cones you will ever lay your eyes on! Beautiful Burns offers a wide variety of pretty cones on!

Genius Pipe:

The Genius Pipe is a small, discreet HANDY bowl piece, equipped with a grater for bud, and a deliciously easy to clean bowl. You can rip this as hard as possible and never cough. Prove me wrong, I dare you

P.S. you can receive a whole $20 OFF until 6/10/18 with the Code: GENIUSPIPE20 on the “Classic Gadget

Genius Pipe

Thank you for watching, Namaste Friend

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