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Smoak Review!

Hey Y’all!

Today were talking about the Smoak Pipe.

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It’s made white Oak wood, infused with Hemp Oil, and coated in Bee’s Wax! It includes a built in ceramic bowl & a leather case equipped with a cleaning piece, ceramic nectar collector attachment, and a spool of Hemp Wick.

The finish is beautiful, the hit is smooth and the whole kit fits into one portable case.

I have literally used this multiple times a day, everyday since it came in the mail. It’s a perfect work, car & park piece because it is so sleek & discreet. I wanted to share it with you guys because this products is AWESOME and Kevin definitely deserves a shout-out.

The company message rocks, the products rock, and his LIVE Instagram feeds are always vibe-y.

#SmoakNation     Smoak Pipes 20% OFF!

He is running a sale right now for 20% OFF + a FREE Chubb if you sign up for the Smoak Email Newsletter!

Definitely check out his Instagram!

Genius Pipe

We recorded a review video on Youtube:

Thank you for tuning in! Stay tuned for more Reviews coming out soon on our site, socials and Youtube!


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Genius Pipe

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