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I had an opportunity arise that was completely unexpected.. and so awesome. So I wanted to share it with you guys 🙂

I’ve recently hired in my first employee, and I started with an assistant, because I need someone who can do a little bit of everything. An assistant to tag along the journey with me to the top of the social media totem pole and make thousands. I needed an OG employee; the first bad-ass worker that helps build this company to the top and sits there to help me hire in the new teams each time we branch out. I waited a few weeks to start the search, because I wanted to really find the right person- and although there’s 100,000 people on the site and social pages every month, I couldn’t guarantee the success of the new hire if I did not know the candidates intellect and motivation.

I stumbled onto Maya sort of by accident.. she had mentioned a work and family problem online, to which I replied jokingly “come work for me”, thinking she would say no. She surprisingly loved the idea, and BOOM. We started the flood of ideas between the two of us. Even before this girl started her first day she was helping me with business tasks & taking dope-ass pictures at events. She is brilliant; coming up with idea after idea for the company, always offering awesome campaigns for social media impressions, and she also takes saucy pictures. Here is example:


Follow her on Instagram: @pseudodollmaya

She became even more awesome when she called me for an Interview on Springfield Highschool’s Radio Station!

97.7 WNLB play’s great music and conducts interviews of Springfield Alumni.

I had the pleasure of joining her on the station to answer a few questions about my high school experience, life-path and career. It was literally so much fun and I can’t wait until more radio interviews come my way!

Their APP is “WNLB977” on the Apple Store and Google Play Store!

BlueDevilRadio is a great radio station, and the music grows on me every-time I hear it.

Their app gives the song line-up, schedules a platform to listen to the station directly!

Let’s take a look..

“What year did you graduate”


“So being 4 years out of high school, do you think think being an adult on your own is easier than being in High School?”

I want to say yes&no, but My answer is absolutely. Bills and responsibilities are easy once you get the hang of them- and it’s never hard if your making a sufficient income. I think being able to explore the world and grow on your own terms is a huge part to becoming an adult, and I think the thresh-hold of the new opportunities that arise in your early twenties are amazing. It’s sometimes really tough to become yourself when your parents, family and school authorities weigh their collective belief systems down a bit too hard to prepare you.

“What was your biggest expectation post graduation?”

I honestly didn’t expect much- I mean, I’ve always connected with music and entrepreneurship; but I never expected that I would find the knowledge, motivation and support to create a successful life on my own terms. I expected to work high traffic serving jobs while exploring online incomes of any sort. That kind-of snow-balled into creating my own company, Pseudo Pharm, which I use to market campaigns, create content, book photography sessions, offer Crypto-currency & business consultations, and produce my product line.

“What did you decide to do after high school?”

At first I ran away to Center-Ville, where I was finally taught natural health and organic foods. I came back home with that new knowledge, and started Cosmetology School. I absolutely loved it but didn’t vibe with the bad energy most of those women carry and output. I quit halfway through and started working my butt-off serving while also building my own company, so I could create a business with a loving environment.

“If you had to give freshman you advice, what would it be?”

High-school is full of animals, and I strongly suggest tuning into your own energy and not hurting yourself by focusing on the people you do not vibe with. Pay attention in school, appreciate the fact that you have all of this free knowledge at your finger tips. Find the things you enjoy and excel in them. The world after high-school is wide open with opportunity for whatever career calls to you, but it is absolutely up to you to find success in it.

” For you personally, do you think that there is anything Springfield has taught you that you still carry to this day?”

Perseverance. Life is always going to throw curve balls at you, so you need to be determined to press on toward your personal success goals no matter the situation at hand.

“What was your high school experience like?”

Crazy. I was fed GMO’s and terrible habits, and wasn’t sure how to read energies or communicate properly, so I had a small circle of friends at all times. I focused on the things I enjoyed, like art and music, worked to keep my grades up and prepared myself for the after-life of Highschool so I could become the person I really wanted to be.

“How long did attended Springfield schools?”

From third grade until I graduated in 2014, and before that I was at Swanton. So, about 10 years.

“Do you still keep in contact with anyone you went to school with?”

Only a select few people, most of them from band. My friends Andrew Ha. and John He. stuck around for years, I’ve stayed in contact with Veronika Sh., Hailey Sz., and Emily B. on Snapchat,  and Kara A. just recently came back into my life through my company.

“What do you think your biggest achievement was during the years you attended Springfield?”

My grades and band. Even through all of the sickness, missed school days, bullying and family bull-crap I managed a good GPA and excelled in the music industry. I was very proud of that.

The recording will be up for the next few weeks on 97.7 WNLB every hour on the half-hour. Tune in for the saucy-ness 🙂

Thank you for reading! Namaste.



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