Interview With Elena Rodriguez

So many entrepreneurs are making money online now-a-days. It is so possible to live life enjoying the things you love & sharing it with the world- as long as you know how to use social media to your advantage.

We follow so many successful online entrepreneurs that make a living doing just that… 

They can wake up everyday and make 1000s just by making phone calls, writing, and marketing. Bella Thorne can make $10,000-$25,000 per social media post. Imagine being able to plan 5 posts a day just to make $100,000- not including running campaigns, merchandise, products, affiliations, movies, etc.

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All you have to do is find what you’re good at and consistently share it on the correct forums, with the correct back-links to make money on the impressions.

How do you go about starting this type of career though?

If you haven’t been given the necessary knowledge, or searched for it yourself- it can be very hard to start up on your own. However, once you acquire the knowledge, it’s easy from there.

“Do you want to start making money to pay bills on your own accord, but find yourself stumped on which steps to take first?”

We have almost three years experience building social accounts, product lines, marketing campaigns, investment opportunities and more- reaching about 1M people last year- so we are incredibly excited to share with you guys a few of our favorite tips and tricks along the way.

We have recently contacted a few of our favorite bloggers, models and business owners to crack their code on social media marketing.

Today we are speaking with Elena Rodriguez; California Instagram Sensation!

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She has brought herself to success on Instagram alone with NO Managers or investors!

She travels to local festivals & shops to promote companies and their products while having a good time and smoking! Who wouldn’t want to do that!

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Let’s take a behind the scene look at Elena’s path to success…

“When did you start this career?”

When I was 18

“What inspired you to follow this path?”

 I saw a bunch of women becoming successful on Instagram, and it inspired me to do it myself. I just started posting and it took off from there. I’ve since sponsored different events, companies and products like SootheLife CBD Vape Pens.

“You have worked as an advocate for many companies/ products for quite some time now. What has been your favorite company to work with?”

Currently I’m enjoying campaigning for BudBoys E Juice, SootheLife CBD Cape Pens, & Push Trees on my Instagram!

“You only utilize Youtube & Instagram to spread the name Duchess, but what enticed you to use those two marketing platforms? Have they proved successful for your intentions?”

 They were the first one’s I dabbled with and they have proven to be very sufficient. I grew very quickly over the last few years, and haven’t needed to branch out. I like the easy-use of the posting platform to get content out as well.

“Are you working for a modeling agency, or managing yourself?”

  Nope, I’ve done it all myself, contacting company owners, visiting events and creating the necessary content.

“Do you have any success advice for our fellow stone-y entrepreneurs?”

Just go for it. I jumped in and found success quickly, so find what you like and just start doing it. So many people are making money online now; it’s almost impossible not to yourself, as long as you have the drive.

“That was wonderful, thank you. Well, everybody that wraps it up today, thank you for tuning into PseudoPharm’s LIVE Instagram Interview with Elena. Have a wonderful day.”

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Anyone can make money from home, if you correctly apply yourself. @duchess.of.dank is the perfect advocate to show you money-making-bad-asses just how possible it truly is to enjoy life.

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