Fortnite 101: The Ultimate Guide

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Hey y’all!

So there’s this new disease going around called “Fortnite Battle Royal” and I’d like to talk about it today!

Now, if you like first or third person shooter games; this game is The Tits.

Much like doughnuts, every-time you are satisfied and think you’re done for the night- it sucks you right back in with one look 🍩

The game has building techniques involved, different ranking weapons (which I was first introduced to with Borderlands Pre-Sequel and LOVE). The terrain is vast and filled with opportunity to snipe Bitches, improve your skills, play competitively on the leader boards and upgrade your levels!

Ive searched and searched for a decent Fortnite guide, but every single one has been over simplified and filled with common knowledge- so I wanted to compile a guide with all of the good stuff. The “golden chest items”, if I may.




Fortnite 101: The Ultimate Guide

Here you will find:

  • The best classes, grouped by play-style
  • Busy/quiet places around the map
  • Strategy tips/ How to stay alive
  • The best loot drops
  • The best hidden drop points



First of all, let’s talk about Class options. Epic Games offers many different weapons in Fortnite, which can inter mix to completely different ways of playing. I use a more aggressive tactic than Tyler does; he likes to usually avoid contact and make his way into the circle. These different styles can be emphasized or weakened by the gun choices! Here are a few of the best class options for our favorite play-styles!



Sniper & a Shotgun or Silenced Handgun

This is the class I use the most. Great for an aggressive style. These are common weapons usually, so you can loot up quickly and run along to get kills for upgraded snipers and side weapons. You can quickly shotgun an enemy from close range, and silenced handguns offer a mid-range attack while minimizing the noise. Snipers are important while moving into the circle because you will find yourself in wide open spaces often, and finding an enemy in the distance is too common to not practice ranged skills. If you can snipe while they are moving in, it’s less people you’ll encounter close range once in the circle.

Sniper & an Assault Rifle

This is also pretty awesome if you can find rare or legendary items. This offers high damage and wide range capabilities, but also has its dis-advantages. You definitely want to grab a grenade or shotgun if you carry this class because neither the sniper nor the assault rifle is going to help you in close range. The accuracy at mid and long range is quite helpful though, so if you like to stay in high or open areas this class is awesome to catch passing enemies.

Assault Rifle & a Shotgun

If you like to run in tight, hidden corners all the way through the game and go from place to place looting and hiding.. this is the class for you. The Assault rifles are accurate and pretty decent mid-long range. The shotgun offers heavy spray damage, which is especially nice if you always aim at the head. I can’t tell you how many times a dude shot gunned me in the head and I had no chance. This class is missing a long range weapon, which is pretty essential in this game, unless you always manage to be in close quarters. I definitely suggest swapping out a slot for a grenade/rocket launcher or grenades. These will help you tear down forts, as Assault rifles and shotguns are pretty useless unless you’re close to the base or have a Scar of high rank.

Assault Rifle & a Handgun

This is a serious balls-to-the-wall method of play, as you have zero long range. But the guns are accurate and effective. This is awesome if you like to stay in close quarters where a lot of enemies go. Movement speed is highest with a handgun and the damage is decent if you aim well. The key to this method is quick draw and always aim for the head. Again, the disadvantage here is range, so you may want to sacrifice a slot for grenades or a launcher for any barriers, long distance engagements or towers.

Shotgun & Handgun

Oh man, is this play-style fun. I ALWAYS take grenades with me until I find a legendary launcher- because this style gets intense. This is awesome for looters, because they are always caught up in buildings and tight corners. The shotgun offers serious damage to anyone daring to come find you, and the handgun offers a slight range, and maneuverability for when you need to turn around and “boop” someone in the head real quick. I would only carry this class if you get super lucky on the drops. Purple and legendary pistols only are suggested here, and you definitely want to carry a green pump or purple tactical.



The map is a huge collective of towns, neighborhoods, business’ and ruins. Loot is spread randomly throughout different drop points, and there is unlimited opportunity to change up the strategy every time.

Busiest Places:

  • Tilted Towers
  • Snobby Shores
  • Pleasant Park
  • Greasy Grove
  • Retail Row

Quiet Places:

  • If you’re lucky, Pleasant Park
  • Junk Junction
  • Moisty Mire
  • Wailing Woods
  • Tomato Town

What To Do If:

You want to hide:

  1. Take the scenic routes like the outskirts of the river and field areas dotted with trees to stay away from most of the traffic.
  2. Set up a 1×1 room that is raised above the ground on at least 3 walls, and put a trap on the ceiling. Then… put a legendary on the floor. Evil, right? But effective.
  3. A quiet weapon class is going to be your best option to surprise any passer-by’s.
  4. Grenades are fun 😉 You don’t give away your position and it deals a butt-load of damage.
  5. Stay in the trees and bushes, always move from point to point and check your area.
  6. Traps are your friend!

You want to go balls-out:

  1. Open spaces like fields, bridges and meadows are best. Try to stay where you know traffic is flowing, and always run into the sound of bullets to engage.
  2. Drop popular places and get a gun as soon as possible.
  3. Don’t be greedy; get decent loot and move on. You will kill people with a legendary, rare and health pack. Pick up any along the way so you can have health obviously, but once your class has a weapon, health and shields- move on and don’t keep looking. Characters die late in the game while looting most of the time. Be the guy finding the looters and catching them by surprise; you can easily make your way to first place that way.
  4. The storm isn’t your enemy unless you have no way to reach the circle in time. But most of the time, if you have health packs you’re going to make it. Even if you can get a kill on the way, they will most likely have health packs so you can make it to the circle. If you grab quick loot and go, you can post up where you know traffic will flow on the map towards the circle and catch them off guard. If you are stuck in the storm, this is a great advantage to find enemies that are panicking and most likely won’t survive an ambush.


Best Loot Locations:

  • Loot Lake:

This is in the center of the map, almost always in the circle for a while, and also incredibly busy sometimes. However, there is almost always a chest or great loot in the house, and a chest is down in the cave underneath the hill. There are also a few boats in the water that have chests with awesome loot in them. Beware, as you’re either going to get lucky and have no one land; or you’ll have every-one land here. Thankfully, people are considerably distracted by Tilted Towers right now, as popular Youtuber Muselk and his buddies have made it “The Spot to be” for skilled gamer’s. In one episode, he and his friends drop with every enemy in the game in Tilted Towers and last to 5 PEOPLE!

  • Pleasant Park:

It is easy to land on a house and grab decent loot to surprise the guy next door with. You can easily loot the whole neighborhood at one time by letting everyone kill each other off and making your way through; plucking off enemies to grab their loot and move into the circle. They did the work for you, how awesome. Sometimes you are alone, and this is awesome as well because every house has a chest or two, and there are up to two random chest spawns in the area! You can quickly set yourself up for success and move on in the game without the need to loot again by starting at Pleasant.

  • Wailing Woods:

There is a house at the tip of Wailing Woods, right next to the shore. There is almost always a chest or two, and three floors of loot. You have a great advantage from here to move into the circle, as most of your trek is through tree’s.

  • Snobby Shores:

If you are skilled enough to pluck off enemies that land near you, or get lucky and land alone, you can grab everything you need at Snobby. Most of the time there is 5-10 chests, a secret loot spot, and a plethora of Rare and Epic items to choose from.

  • Tilted Towers:

While it is super dangerous currently to start in Tilted, it is a great start and finish if you can battle your way out. There is almost always a few chests, Epic’s, and Legendary’s. You have high and low ground to utilize to your advantage, as well as wide streets or tight corners inside the buildings. There is a lot of building opportunity around here, and you will often see huge forts or building between sky-scrapers.

Strategy Tips:

  • Stick to the outskirts of the map and busy area’s to avoid heavy traffic
  • Always engage! This is the key to improving your skills and winning every-time. You need to be ready to play aggressively. None of the pussy shit. Pardon my french 🙂
  • Taking high ground will give you the upper hand and also help you with improving aim because the drop effect does not apply when you’re higher up.
  • Building during combat is essential at times; as is can save your butt if there are shots being fired. However, building a huge base is dangerous; especially late in game. People usually have a purple/ legendary scar or a launcher of some sort- which will mow down any tower you may have. Imagine dying from fall damage (insert eye roll).


  • When applicable, crouch to shoot. It will decrease your need to move the cursor around the enemy and also make it harder in certain situations to shoot you. Especially when you encounter jumpers.
  • Hug all corners. Hug trees, mountainsides, buildings, walls inside buildings, etc. Taking the wide corners make it easier for enemies to shoot you. Instead try hugging so you can pop in and out of the corner if an enemy surfaces.
  • When shooting, do not move the cursor vertical up and down at all. Only left to right, even if they are jumping. They have to come down from every jump, and while they are re-adjusting their aim- you have your cursor ready to shoot as they land right into it every time.
  • Remember that guns follow the drop rule, If you are aiming up or far away, the bullets will drop as they go further. If you do not take this into consideration, you could hit much lower than expected, thus not dealing enough damage, or any at all. I’ve learned that anything 50-100 meters uses the first notch, and anything up to 200 uses the second. You do not have to over estimate the drop with sniper’s because unless you’re over 400-600 meters, it doesn’t usually use the third, fourth or fifth notches.
  • Always aim for the head. You will do the most damage, which is key to getting the upper hand in combat; especially if you’re not the best at hitting every shot dealt.
  • Jumping deliberately lowers your aim in the game. Not only is it set up that way, but moving up and down like that will throw anyone off. It is helpful in certain situations, but definitely dangerous in most if you do not have perfect aim.
  • Always bait a drop box before you hit it. The likely-hood of someone else seeing it before you is high, and they will most likely try to grab it if they do not see you. Once they open it, let loose. Preferably with a sniper if you have it. You then receive their loot and the crate’s loot. Boom.
  • When you hear an enemy close, stop and listen for a moment if you can. Most often you can tell if they are to the left, right, or back side of you, and get the drop on them that way.
  • Don’t panic when you engage with an enemy. Calmness brings better decision making. They are more scared than you unless they’ve mastered this skill, so focus on aim, not running away.
  • Here’s a big one: Don’t Die! *Courtesy of Plumbotron on PS4*
  • Bushes offer extra shields, but make you incredibly vulnerable. We like to call those people “Bush Bitches” Don’t be a Bush Bitch.


Secret Chests:

There are many spots players neglect that contain 2-5 chests. Some even 8. Here are the one’s Tyler and I have found so far that may help you out a lot.

  1. Location: Snobby Shores

*Courtesy of XxInkJoyxX on PS4*

Where: Far left house, near the entrance to the basement is a bookcase with a hidden room behind it.


  • Contains 1-3 chests
  • 1-4 ammo crates
  • Always decent floor loot


  • Most popular house in Snobby
  • Hard location to leave unseen

2. Location: Tilted Towers

*Courtesy of Bonecollllector on PS4*

Where: In the pawn shop there is a bookcase with an entrance to a basement behind it.


  • Contains 1-2 chests
  • Usually 1-2 Ammo crates


  • Tilted is the most populated area in the game
  • This is a hard area to leave unseen
  • This is a well-known spot for seasoned players and popular Youtuber’s

3. Location: Greasy Grove

Where: In the outdoor store, there is a staircase that has a wall behind it with a hidden room.


  • This is an easy chest to access
  • There is other chests around the building and decent floor loot
  • There is almost always a shotgun the the left immediately entering the store


  • Many noobs spawn here
  • Breaking down the wall makes noise that is able to be heard all around this area

4. Location: Retail Row


Where: The dog house to the back right of the far white house, which has the upper balcony.


  • This is an easy chest to drop on and have an upper hand, as the dog house is mined in two clicks instead of 3-5.


  • This is out in the open
  • This is a relatively popular drop area

5. Location: Moisty Mire

Where: Behind the large tree in the center of the swamp.


  • This is a non-popular drop area
  • There is a surplus of wood, so mining resources is easy from the start
  • This is a quick & easy chest to grab


  • This is a difficult area to get out of, as it is surrounded by water. Moving into the circle quickly is important here, because unless you build over the water you’re going to be treading mud for a while
  • There is few loot spots in this area
  • The loot here is spread out among the water

6. Location: Fatal Fields

Where: Hidden cave behind fatal fields by the small river. There is a chest on either the left or right side cave.


  • Easy to find
  • Easy/ quick to access


  • Out in the open
  • Next to Fatal Fields, which isn’t very dense with loot. Maybe a chest or two.


Do you have any tips or hidden chests that aren’t added? Share them with us HERE and we will add them to the post with credit to YOU! We will even include a link to your social media or gamer-tag if you’d like.

Good Luck!


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Thank you for reading. Share your success with us!





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