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Looking for tips to use social media for higher impressions? Use this guide to start using Social Media the RIGHT way and explode your business/website today!

I’ve been using social media for different types of business marketing ever since I can remember. Upon starting this business I’ve discovered hundreds of new techniques, sources, apps, plugins, and more- readily expanding my knowledge every single day.

This has been a long journey so far, and a shit load to learn.

Oh, don’t you worry- this has also been absolutely amazing and I have continued to love every part of this type of career. Every-day is wonderful and liberating; full of knowledge, hard work and personal growth.

There are so many ways to make money that I’ve never even imagined- so much so that some entrepreneurs become walking money machine’s; making money while they sleep!

I mean think about it, if you have thousands of readers and customers every day, all clicking through the pages, articles, books, and products that are plugged 100 times with money -making content, you’re bound to be making money all through-out the day. The key is a large amount of content, and a huge following. Which, of course, comes with a butt-load of time and hard work.

There are so many tips and tricks I’ve had to discover and implement into the business in order to find a professional way to create or share content, as well as attract the community we are looking to reach.

Social Media is one of the tools that sky-rockets company’s into what they are today.

This is undoubtedly one of the best marketing strategies for my company and thousands of others. Everyone and their Grandmother uses social media, so it is common reach 100,000 readers a month if you do it right.

Balancing every account and post can become tedious when there are so many other daily tasks to running a business or blog. I was spending easily 3 hours a day sharing and replying on every Pseudo social forum, so finding tools to make the process easier has sky-rocketed my time management and views!

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Tips to sky-rocket views with Social Media:

  • Keep a Personal written schedule to meet daily/weekly posting goals, keep up on all accounts, and post appropriate content at the correct times on each platform.
  • Use an App like Tailwind to schedule pins and reach other bloggers who are boosting each-others content. This has been so fantastic for me ever since signing up. I can share all of my posts in one place, schedule specific times and days as far out as necessary to free-up my time during the week to share on other platforms. This also allows your posts to reach thousands more users, as bloggers consistently share other blogger’s content to their 1000’s of followers- so every post has the potential for 15k shares!
  • Post content organically on each forum. For instance; do not post on Instagram and share it to Twitter- the displays are set up differently, so shared pictures do not show up on Twitter. Creating a post according to the layout of each social page is important for professionalism and optimal interaction.
  • Get creative! Post pictures with the work Fam, selfies while working hard, or even food from lunch because it was just oh, so #bomb.
  • Use hashtags! Seriously. Facebook doesn’t use #’s, but everything else does. And boy, does it help! Simply adding a # with 1,000,000 posts is awesome to reach the tons of people using it. Also using #’s with low post counts, such as 60-200, can be just as beneficial to reach a higher percentage of the people using the link. Either way, this is the way to spread each post as far and wide as possible!
  • Utilize engaging posts, such as Q&A’s, Polls, “Follow” Buttons and more. These are important to drive impression counts through the roof and see share counts rise.
  • Perform a small follow-spree on each site every day, and you will see exponential growth. Followers are key to outreach, and actively following an extra few thousand a month (50 per day with 8 accounts really adds up) can bring typically around 30-40% of those people as new followers. Which is always a great chunk more than previously. I noticed my Twitter outreach raise 10,000 a month simply by having 100 more followers to help see and spread my content.


Utilizing multiple avenues is important to success, which is why we keep so many Pseudo Pharm social media accounts! Here is what we use and why:


Social Media Platforms that drive Brand traffic:


Daily Marketing Schedule

  • Twitter & Tumblr: These are fantastic for businesses because they are quick & easy. Many different age groups play on these sites for one reason or another. It is so incredibly easy to reach 100,000 people a month on each of these, simply because of the amount of people using and the amount of times you can post per day. The post output is so high that people barely notice if you post 20 times- especially if your content is diversified. Utilizing hashtags is super important, and if you use the correct ones the reach is ridiculous. I once received 5x the impressions in one night from ONE trending hashtag.  You can find widely spread trends by connecting to popular cities. The optimal times to post on these sites are between 6-9 pm.
  • Facebook: Despite the treacherous climb to beat outreach algorithms, Facebook is a great advertising tool. They offer easy-to-use publishing tools, which range from simple pictures/videos, sales ads, special offers, and interactive templates- to job applications, share-able employment ads, boost options to get paid outreach, and event sharing. I’ve noticed that the only thing that drives reach here is diversified posts as much as possible. New content brings viewers- repeats just sit in the void. But the underlying problem is that users do not like “spam” accounts, and the criteria is very low to fall under the category. Special Tip: Select over-sea’s locations for boosted posts, as the currency provided will go much further, and communities are smaller- so shares grow exponentially. The best times to post here is between 11 am-2 pm & 7-9 pm.
  • Instagram: If you like photography- even if you’re a super mediocre iPhone photographer- this is your platform. Instagram is a simple-to-use media sharing site. You will find absolutely astounding art on Instagram. This is a place to be creative and share great vibes. Many companies also utilize Instagram solely for advertisement. You can edit photos and videos, add links to content and utilize hashtags to your advantage. A popular cannabis company grew 1,000,000 followers simply by using the #cheechandchong hashtag. Some #’s reach so many users in a day that 1,000,000 impressions from one post is actually possible, even for smaller accounts! The optimal post times are between 5-9 pm.
  • Pinterest: Oh, what a wonderful rabbit hole this is. Is it a fantastic marketing tool? Absolutely. But it is so easy to get lost in home decor DIY’s and recipe’s for hours and hours. Which makes it a great social media app for reaching creative people and other entrepreneurs. This forum has everything, from business tips, health tips, exercise, recipes, and fashion/makeup- to governmental information, history findings, herbal treatments, life advice and wedding ideas. The content output is insane, and each user has an unlimited number of boards; so posting 40 times is super easy. Especially with Tailwind; I used to get on the computer and post 25 new pins on Pinterest everyday. I never knew an App existed to help me archive posts to schedule later, find popular boards, and schedule posts all day every day an entire month out. I can take two half days a month to schedule all current content throughout the month, and add new content as needed. This saves hours of daily work, and I have been so thankful that I’m finally catching on to the secret’s to professional blogging. Sign Up Here for a free month! You can choose a free account once the gift is over 🙂 The best time-range for posts is 3-10 pm.
  • Reddit: Okay, so this is cool because you can search-term relevant topics and boards to post links and pictures to! There are so many forums of people sharing relevant products, content and news to each-other. You can post as many times as you want (only a few times on each board, though) and reach thousands each time. Posting on small feeds is important here as well, because your posts will be easily seen by everyone on the board. This makes it easy for your links to be sent to the top as the “Top-Post” and the more you receive that title, the more your posts are seen and shared. Voila! The best posting times are between 5-7 pm & 10 pm- 1 am.


Thank you for reading! Share your success with us!



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  1. Amazing tips here! It must have taken time to come up with all that information. It’s very much appreciated!

    1. PseudoPharm says:

      Thank you so much for your feedback!

  2. kidsandkittens0912 says:

    Great tips! As a new blogger, I am definitely always looking for tips on how to increase my reach and following! I will have to try this.

  3. Victoria says:

    These are excellent tips!
    I’ve tried a schedule but I have problems sticking to it. I think I’m going to try again soon because I know it will improve the quality of my blog

  4. I think I am not posting as much as you are so definitely need to up m6 game on posts. I have never used reddit but am now off to sign up.
    Thanks forthe advice.

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