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TA DA!!!!


So a few weeks ago I did something super exciting..

I’ve recently been back into contact with my wonderful childhood best friend Courtney Adams (I still accidentally call her Blevins).

We used to dream of a better life with freedom and opportunity together- reminiscing of all the things we would do when we were adults. She would plan our future weddings as I would scoff at the idea- eventually, she would say “you’ll want to one day, and we will have an awesome joint wedding and I’ll be saying “Ha-Ha.”  🙂 We would drive around town talking about what bad-bitches we would be with our successful businesses and freedom to live healthily/happily and love our families the right ways.

Well, here we are as grown-ass-women, building awesome businesses that perfectly represent each of our personalities and that have brought us into the beginning of our childhood dreams. She is an absolutely wonderful mother of two with a husband perfect for her nerdy butt, and I have my soulmate Tyler, whom proved Courtney right all those years 🙂

I have been thinking of Pseudo Pharm merchandise opportunities for a long time now, and haven’t found the right company for what we are looking for. All along Courtney was right in front of me! Her products are well-made, durable, absolutely beautiful, and LOW-PRICED!! DUH!

Of course I started immediately conversing with her about what designs to use for the prototypes, to which I gave her a few requirements and told her to use her own creativity to surprise me.

What a wonderful idea that was.. look how beautiful these turned out😍 I am so incredibly in love and excited for this year! I am filled with appreciation from the bottom of my heart!


I am so proud of You, I & our companies that are slowly climbing the mountain to success!✨ ”


If y’all are interested in Pseudo Pharm merch, contact us here! We will launch the line after 100 friends inquire!

If you would like to check out Courtney’s available products, take a look here!




She also does custom orders!

We also talked about the time consuming tasks of posting on social media all day, so I thought I’d take the time to mention Tailwind as well.

This is a great platform to schedule pins out as far as necessary! You can use old pins for easy scheduling and never have to worry about it!! There a lot of busy mom-preneurs on my site who could really benefit from the extra time this allows in the day! Plus this is a platform to share with thousands of other super popular blogs which can SOAR your page views!

You can Sign Up Here for a free month, which can be switched to the FREE version after the month is up 🙂

Here is to a successful year for everyone! I love all of you💕IMG_2531.JPG



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