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So you are exploring starting a business or working from home, eh?

Well, let me be one of the first to say:

Welcome to the squad! 🙂

Welcome to the realm of people who put blood, sweat, and tears into a baby that will hopefully make them money while they sleep one day. That’s the American dream, right?


Millennial generations have been paving a path of freedom and enlightened thinking for the young adults of our society.  We follow a life of knowledge, love and success- and swaying away from typical behaviors of the last generations (i.e.; angst, fear, and always settling instead of going above and beyond.)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to exceed the expectations of our previous generations, and show them a life of traveling, financial comfort, and optimism?

We as humans have to pay for our place on earth from the day we are born until the day we die. We are bred to work our life away to “live the life we want.”

Well, here is to creating a way to make money doing what makes you happy! Here is to enjoying the beautiful side of life that working 40-60 hours a week for someone else will always keep you from.

Businesses do not just pop into thin air. It is never likely to just pick a name, logo, location, and apply for a small business loan and expect everything to soar in the first few months-or even the first year. It takes many,  many hours of hard work, learning and marketing to build the necessary reputation needed to spread the business to enough people to formulate a consistent customer/reader base. But don’t get me wrong; anything takes work. You’re either going to spend those hours working for someone else’s company or working to build your own and reap all of the benefits. This form of a career is absolutely perfect for any creative entrepreneur looking to work for themselves to fill life with the things that bring them true happiness!

We have formulated a simple plan that will lead you easily through building any business from the ground- up with an awesome basic start-up!

This has worked for Pseudo Pharm as well as thousands of other bloggers, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners who started with similar initial start-up plans- and now make a sufficient monthly income!

There are obviously many other steps to take after this check-list is finished and applied to your new venture, but that depends on what avenue you are jumping into. However, no matter the business- this checklist will lead you down the trail to success!



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Create a solid plan:


What do you want the business to be?

There are so many forms of home-based income, and many of them end up corresponding with each-other.

These are as follows:

Writing/Blogging: This is your website; it will contain any article/blog written by you, for your business or other companies, as well as your recipes, videos, services available, the products available for purchase, and any contact info. This is the personality of your company on an online forum, sharing anything you have to offer in one place and presenting it in an inviting fashion. This can also include any social media accounts you use to promote this website.

Direct Sales: This is any products you bulk buy and re-sell, hand-make yourself and sell with love, or sell for someone else. Sales are a great option because you can make money with products in a zillion different ways- some including online, in person, at festivals, on sales sites, garage sales- etc. You have open availability to what you want to sell, and the possibilities are endless! Whether it is makeup, because you know a bunch of ladies who could stand behind a brand you love, or houses, or clothing, or advertisements, etc. We enjoy giving people the gift of natural health and organic ways of life- so our products include natural cleaners, non-toxic candles, hand-crafted jewelry, essential oils, CBD and more!

Marketing/ Affiliate Income: This is any companies you will become an affiliate for. That consists of adding links and ad placements on social media/blog posts to make a revenue for the impressions received. You also make money for clicks on the link, and any purchases made after the link is clicked! This is an awesome way to make passive income if you are outputting a lot of content and reaching a sufficient amount of people every day. This is the key to making money while you sleep.

Offering A Service: This is for the businesses such as photographers, cleaners, tutors, coaches, healthcare, grocery delivery, webdesign and more. Any company that you as the owner and/or your employee’s are being hired to offer a service. You can also offer online services, such as Skype conferences for prospective business owners to ask any current questions, and participate in a short one-on-one seminar about business start-up and management. This type of income includes a wide range of possibilities, and can bring in sufficient income depending on the service offered. You can also affiliate different subscription companies that are already successful, such as FabFitFun. Since we are partnered with their company, we can offer $10 off your box with our codes! How awesome is that? It’s a really great way to double up on avenue’s.

Subscriptions: These are subscription boxes, such as Pseudo’s Good Vibes Subscription Box. This is a service delivered to the subscriber’s door filled with random monthly goodies. Our’s contain a random mix of 3-5 of the following: herbs, incense, candles, stickers, jewelry, crystals/stones, and organic goodies from Pseudo’s product lines. You can make this type of company with anything you desire! Popular companies offer organic produce subscriptions, as well as clothing, shoes, mystic tools, herbs, dinners, beauty supplies, business supplies and more! These are fun, and decently easy! Just pack each box full of the products you’re offering and ship them out once a month! I love adding little gifts, fun trinkets and secret messages. This does take proper outreach and marketing, but is well worth it.

eBooks: Are you full of knowledge? Do you at least well rehearsed on a certain topic? Are you a professional mommy, entrepreneur or photographer? Write a short eBook about it! You can add visuals, gifs, videos, charts, graphs, comedy, and a crap-load of good information for readers! These range from $.99 to $20 depending on the content, investments made, and writers involved- which can bring sufficient income over time. For example, if purchased by 10,000 people for $1.99, that is $20,000 for writing one book. If you have multiple of these out, you can rack up passive sales! The trick here is to consistently market these eBooks. Spread a pre-release hype, and play with multiple ad placements to ensure a large outreach of prospective readers. This will bring immediate success, and allow the content to reach more readers over-time.



Using multiple types of reach to expand a company is optimal for high success. Everything takes time, and even utilizing up to 5 different types of business reach has taken 6 months to start spreading to enough readers that we are finally making a difference in the community- and just now grasping the beginning of our major goals as a company.

There are many ways to work for yourself and complete the goals you’ve set out for- it just depends where your niche is.


Ah, “Niche.”

I almost cringe at the word; I’ve probably read it about a zillion times. But the many bloggers, marketers and business owners are completely right to talk about finding your “niche.” You need to pull everything that you are as a person into deciding what you want to create. What will you be able to wake up to every-day and happily start the day’s work? Find the one thing that is absolutely what you are about. The one thing you know like the back of your hand, and have no trouble doing.

I personally am into meditation, self-health, and personal growth. I enjoy natural medicine, direct-sales, marketing of all sorts, travel, food, researching and writing. I also love meeting people and helping them find a way of healthy living through the knowledge and healing I have discovered or received. I wanted an opportunity to live my life, working for myself and enjoying the ride- while helping people, taking care of my family and not working myself to death. This type of career fits easily into the things I like to do day-to-day.


Don’t get me wrong, the path I have chosen takes hours and hours of working.

All of the reading, brainstorming, learning, organizing, writing, posting, creating, communicating, and more turns out to be about a 70 hour work week if you really want it to pay off in a timely manner.

However, the beauty of this job is:

  • You can explore anything you want to learn and share with readers
  • You can formulate income with products you enjoy making/standing behind
  • You have the time to care for family/your health, keep up with responsibilities, enjoy quality time with family/ friends, and more.
  • You can live life as it comes, sleep when you feel like it, and eat when you feel like it. And this is a great career to expand cooking knowledge to eat delicious meals.
  • You can drop any current work task to pause things if a family member really needs it. If you need a break and to shut off from the entire world you able to stop working and do what is needed to come back into a calm and motivated state of mind.
  • You can also hide in the office for 16 hours and work until fingers fall off if there is a lot of tasks to finish/content to output. You choose the hours and it’s wonderful.

The things I am able to do are allowing the exploration of finding happiness-  and I’m sharing this with you to offer a small reminder to find what makes you happy. A career that you’re willing to put in the strenuous work for; because nothing comes without effort. But also allows you to explore life, find yourself and enjoy loved ones along the way.


Your niche should exercise your true skills, and enhance your intelligence while motivating you to be the best you can be. In my opinion: wrapping tacos, lifting 100 lb concrete all day and stocking shelves aren’t exactly doing any of that. They probably do not bring very much happiness either, unless there are aspects that are truly awesome about jobs like those to you personally.


So- find your niche, and decide what you want to do with it.


Whether there is a specific set of topics you will cover on the blog, or a product you will sell, some ads you will market, or a service you will provide- go for it!


For me, I wanted to blog about natural health, business management, cannabis cultivation, personal growth, herbal treatment, marketing and spiritual guidance. As well as sharing quality companies and beautiful, affordable fashion that can make our friends feel good while taking care of the environment. I wanted to create and sell products that do just that, while growing a community base of wonderful people to share this message with and learn new insights from. To show them that you can work for yourself and do what you love while making significant income to care for yourself and your family. I want to reach enough people daily so I can make a difference in the world, show people a better path, meet the souls on the same path, travel around the world with my blog, eat and share amazing restaurant goodies from around the world, and explore different worldly cultures.


Pseudo Pharm has allowed me to find a path that leads me to do just that- and thankfully the following I need grows every day. I am no-where near where I’d like this wonderful company to be yet, but time will always bring success after all of the hard work and dedication.


What is your company name?

So you know what you want to do. You know what the dream is- the job that you can wake up every morning to and easily start because it brings you so much joy that it’s easily interlaced with your daily life.


what is the name?


Try to pick something that isn’t generic. Common business names such as “Ron’s Blog,” “Jessi’s Cleaner’s,”  or “Subscription Box” are absolutely boring. 


Choose a name that has interlaced hints of what your business is about, while catching the attention of the readers/customers/viewers.


For example,
“Pseudo Pharm” is insinuating the joke that a good majority of society believes that herbal medication and meditation is a “pseudo science.” Yet we are a pharmacy that offers products, blogs and insights towards those beliefs in order to share the knowledge we consistently acquire and bring as many souls as possible to the natural lifestyle that can heal thousands of ailments.


Our symbol is an ankh & lotus flower, in beautiful green’s and blue’s.


-The ankh and lotus flower offer a reciprocation of health, good fortune and love to the company and to every soul whom encounters it!

-Green is associated with growth, harmony and natural energy.

-Blue is associated with peacefulness, spirituality, passion and inspiration.


This allows us to spread our over-all message with just one look 🙂



What goals will you set- and actually reach?


My original goals were minuscule compared to the challenges I’ve came to, the goals accomplished over time, and also coming in the future. Your goals will change and become larger as your company grows closer to what you want it to be. There are some tasks that will become familiar very soon into the journey because of repetition, and it is important to keep up on them as new things come about. These small repetitious tasks will give your company consistent growth as these new goals are completed to make the company better.

A few important goals include:
What numbers would you like to see for the incoming/outgoing costs? Do you want high amounts of followers? Do you want high sales counts? Do you want a ton of subscribers? Are you looking for a clientele? Is your company bringing enough income that profit outweighs loss, or is a reconfiguration needed?

Also make goals for business necessities, such as product management, marketing schedules, re-organization, possible expansion and anything else that pops up.

Stay consistent with new daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals and yearly goals in order to appropriately move forward.


After a while, it may look something like this:

Weekly (1)


This is very important to always re-consider what the current goals should be for the company. Things change all the time; new opportunity comes along- some decisions will fail, and some will soar the company even further into success, which ultimately leads to unexpected challenges and opportunity. Consistently setting new goals will grow the company regularly towards whichever avenue is best, while keeping yourself and the employees motivated to reach success.

Make sure you set realistic goals each time. For instance, if you are beginning your website / blog– and currently starting to formulate the necessary content- do not set a goal to monetize that site too quickly. Rome was not built in a day, and unless your one post reaches a million people, it will take a lot of good content reaching a few hundred people each to start seeing enough readers to monetize.

Some like to jump to high goals immediately, such as making $1,000 a month on the site, gaining twenty clients immediately, or successfully opening a store right away- which all take months of hard work to get to successfully.

So consistently reach towards new business goals, but keep them realistic in order to ensure proper company growth!

What are some of your current business goals? Tell us here!


What is your start-up budget?

Financial accounting stock market graphs analysis

Building a business isn’t cheap.

Developing a product base, building a website, monetizing that site, setting up a selling platform, and marketing your business all cost money almost right away. There are always free options, but none that will have the availability for proper monetizing. If you properly budget everything, these steps can be easily handled- just try not to spend the entire budget right away assuming no other costs will pop up.

Make sure you outline your goals- and the necessary business plan to reach them.  Always properly configure a saving and spending plan to appropriately use the budget according to what the business is able to handle. Never make yourself broke, and especially never make the company broke to complete a decision.

You never know what is coming next, so a safety net is an incredibly smart business decision. Never dip into the safety net- and always push to have more than just the initial savings cap. That way it is always there for emergencies, and unexpected costs.

This lifestyle brings enough savings that you end up with ten times that safety net; thus becoming able to never technically touch the original.

It is very easy for some to jump too high and land on their butt because of an unrealistic budget. I’ve seen people with a $5,000 loan from a bank and try to open up a shop with all new products.


Stop right there.


Do. Not. Do this.


Unless you have a ginormous budget to start with, product already at hand, or a huge online presence already- do not open a shop. So many people think they can startup on a small budget, with a plan that was formulated in only a few weeks and automatically find success where the shop is set up.


The answer here is a BIG FAT NO.


It takes a solid two-three years to establish consistent sales and a large enough consumer base to actually keep a business open. Unless you’re hitting the head on the nail absolutely perfectly, the start-up and design are awesome and you are busy right away- success is very unlikely here.


Pseudo Pharm started with a small purchase of $500 for the products we wanted to start formulating and sharing. We had enough to start with  only beautiful handcrafted jewelry and organic soap. Over the course of the last two years, we have developed our online presence on social media, formulated a larger product inventory, built our website to what is it today, traveled with our products, and spread the name Pseudo to around 600,000 people and counting!

We still do not have regular sales, or a consistent thousands of viewers. It takes time and work. Tons and tons of work. So start with a realistic budget and business plan that won’t put you under financially!


The “Five Year Business Plan” method is no joke; it is proving to be very true that it takes five years of building, learning, changing and growing to get a business to consistency.
Keep a smart budget, take on new challenges as the growth allows, and do not give up. These things take a lot of time, and it is easy to become discouraged- which does happen a few times unless you’re naturally resilient- so it is important to consistently motivate yourself.

The pay-off is kind of like a dam breaking. Once the breaking point hits, it flows like a river and just keeps going and going. Once your company hits enough people that it starts exploding- the sales, views and success will come. And it will continue



Schedule everything!


This is serious. Unless you’re naturally incredibly motivated, organized and consistently staying on track- you are going to need a few organization tools. Even these types of people have planners, reminder systems or assistants.

I know I definitely need it for daily use, because I forget everything. No day is similar with my family or business, so it’s important to keep a planner with all important things to remember in one place.


Creating and completing your own business work takes a lot of time to finish tasks,  plan, and learn so it can get tough to remember every single meeting, seminar, post, ad, phone conference, scheduled social media post, etc.

However, these times can be much smoother if everything is recorded consistently, organized well, and up-kept to ensure business runs in a timely manner.

Stick to any organization tools you find are helpful and easy to follow. We all tend to utilize tricks that are potentially awesome, but that we kick to the curb in a week-so find what helps you and truly stick to it every day. By the end of the year, you can look back at the records to see all of the progress, work and craziness that took place and paid off in the end.


Scheduling tips

-Use a planner: schedule all meetings, conferences, seminars, scheduled posts, and any important business dates-such as tax day, inventory days, planning days, budgeting days, etc.

-Keep post-it notes around commonly seen areas

-Set phone reminders to keep a schedule anywhere you go

-Schedule finished posts an entire two months out so anytime you need a break, content is still going out.




This continues scheduling- and takes it a few steps further.

Scheduling important tasks is just one piece on the grand-scale of organization needed for a business. Items such as papers, products, furniture and merchandise can pile up faster than you can imagine. Here are a few tips we have utilized to make the process much cleaner:


-An office space is highly recommended. Preferably separate from busy areas in the house; free of messes or noise.

– Paperwork, product, electronics and booth decor should all be packed neatly into some sort of storage, such as: crates, boxes, bags, and shelving units. Products and paperwork need to be kept neat for optimal product quality, sanitation, and professionalism.

Where does motivation come from when a business owner is working in a cluttered messy office area? It’s hard to find- so keeping the work space neat is important for optimal business flow.

– Keep a notebook full of all material purchases, companies/websites used to purchase products/materials, amount purchased, prices, projected sales and dates of purchase/arrival.

-Keep a notepad to consistently sit down and recuperate thoughts about which current tasks are necessary to complete. Regularly compile daily tasks to do immediately, weekly tasks that are important and over-all tasks that can wait but need to be worked towards.

-Keep an inventory of all products, all pre-scheduled ads, all scheduled sales, the corresponding ads, and all products sold. This will help you pay attention to which ads bring the most sales, which sales are the most successful, and which times of the year have the most traffic.

– If you work from home, keep the entire house clean and organized as well. Keep up on laundry, dishes and over-all clutter in the home. It is very easy to become distracted and not as motivated when life is cluttered and dis-organized. The rest of the house can continue to flow while you are behind closed doors if the house is kept nice.

-If you travel to events and set up to sell/market the company, be sure to pack everything away as neatly as possible- and preferably the same way every time. This will ensure a quick&easy flow when setting up or tearing down the booth area.




Utilize these tips throughout the initial start-up process of your company to begin on the right foot!


“Starting your own business is a wonderful idea;


no matter the talents you have to offer.

We live in a progressive world, and anything  is possible.”

Victoria Scanlon, Pseudo Pharm 2016


Any talent, product, service, message, or guidance you have to share with the world has a market out there as long as you’re willing to reach it. These business steps are essential to a proper start-up; and quite similar to every successful entrepreneur’s first steps. They will pave the way to the beginning path of success for your idea.

Follow your heart, and good luck!

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