Happy New Year!

Wow, this year has been crazy, right?

I feel like this year has been so still but incredibly crazy all at the same time.

First of all, I want to say

Thank You!

We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for our supporters! Y’all are our friends and such a beautiful community of people to go on this journey with.

I want everyone who comes across this New Year’s blog to finish the last word with a sigh of excitement!

Make the most of the New Year.

You are a wonderful person and you can control every-bit of your life.


Here are some pointers to jump into January ready to make the best of it!



*Take a look at your accomplishments this year.

It is easy to get caught up in what was missed- but there is no way you can look back and not think of a single happy moment, accomplishment, or challenge conquered. Even if for some reason you spent the whole year alone on the couch and are un-able to conjure up a good moment, then what better reason to make the most of the new year. Take control of your life and do what feeds your soul with happiness. Meet new people, find a better job, marry that girl, take better care of your body, start meditation. You deserve to look back on 2018 with pride and love.

I can say that 2017 was a huge year for my family and I.
I moved into my first house- and with a wonderful soulmate. We got a puppy named Kasper, who was very sick- and taught us so much about love and responsibility. We also lost that baby, and rescued our beautiful Ella shortly after!

We have met hundreds of beautiful souls whom follow a similar path of love and natural health, which Pseudo Pharm aims to spread like wildfire. This year we traveled around northern Ohio with Pseudo products, and joined major seminars and conferences to better our company management skills, grow our holistic knowledge and develop effective marketing skills.

We have built up our social media to 100,000 people reached per month!!

I can look back and recognize that I could have had more motivation and be in a better current position, but why dwell? Everything in life happens as it is meant to.

Appreciate your life, and full-fill those regrets  with accomplishments this year! What is stopping you?

Genuinely sit down and remember all of the things you worked hard for, accomplished, over-came, or defeated!

You deserve to look back on all the beautiful moments of the year.




*Appreciate the things you have.

We all want more. More love, more attention, more freedom, more money.. But what about what we do have? 

Do you have a place to sleep at night?  Do you have clothes on your back? Food in your belly?

More simply; are you breathing? Can you feel your pulse? The warmth of your skin? The thoughts in your head?

All of these things are so easily over-looked when stress is present.

But so absolutely beautiful. The mere fact that we can say “yes” to those things is reason enough to be ever thankful and blissful. You have your own reality at your fingertips, and if you’re unhappy it can change with just one decision. That’s the beauty of human life.

Please take time to appreciate the things that make you happy.

For some that is their sweet car, beautiful home, sexy body, or crisp diploma. For some that is the love they give to those around them everyday, moms hug before school, puppy kisses in the morning, or the love of their life saying, “I Love You.”

I even enjoy being thankful for the wisdom and healing power of trees, the cleansing power of wind, the intensity of fire, or the magic of being a human spirit.

Life responds when you take time to appreciate 🙂



*Love the one’s around you.

Family and friends are so incredibly important. However, we tend to scoot them to the back-burner when life is happening.

But who is there for you when your friends aren’t being good friends? Who is there when you lose your residency? When you suffer a breakup? When you’re scraping by and need a meal, or a place to escape for a minute?

Your family is.


Whomever you define as your family, take time this year to show them they are the ones you hold close. Yes, we do not always agree- as it is human nature to clash. We all have a different up-bringing; thoughts and opinions that are formulated from a completely different background, and strong emotions to back that up.

‘Tis human nature. But I promise you- when the chance to say “I Love You” is gone, there is nothing more comforting than the thought of being able to express it just one last time.

If you often choose other things over spending time with them, say yes for once. I’m sure that work, yoga, video game, bar trip, bong, friend hangs or lazy day can wait.

I have chosen family over getting very important work done many times.

Do I seriously wish I got that work done?


I would have an exponentially more successful business and website. I would be reaching way more people, spreading the word of love, natural health, and “working for yourself” to hundreds of thousands by now. I would even be able to make substantial income doing this already.

But I could never get back that blissful night with my parents at the walleye game, or the wonderful car-rides with my handsome Tyler. I can never get back the times I spent feeling the breeze and watching the birds, trees and clouds outside with Kasper. I thought it was cold at times, but he loved it.

I cherish those moments so dearly.

I am so much more happy choosing those moments over the critically important work for Pseudo Pharm sometimes because my business will take off no matter what so long as I take the necessary steps.  I am determined to live for myself and work helping people; doing what I love the whole way. I am wholly content with my life because everything happens as it is meant to, and

I would love to see others content as well. 

I’m sure your mom would love you to join her for holiday baking, or your brother would enjoy some sibling time. Your dad would definitely enjoy some one-on-one bonding. Play an extra long ball game with the dog[s], or chase with the cat. Give your spouse one of the passionate kiss’s that brought you two together.

Get her the Crystal necklace she’s always talked about.

Showing appreciation goes a very long way in strengthening bonds.


*Work hard and stay true to what you want.

I want all of you this year to share your accomplishments with Pseudo Pharm. Tweet us your new job, the new body you worked so hard for, the new house, that well-deserved degree, the business milestone completed, the huge amounts of studying finally completed, even your investment success-



We want to see everyone in our community sharing their awesome accomplishments all year! There is absolutely nothing standing in your way because despite unfortunate conditioning

You are in control!




And last but not least.. something I myself will need to actively practice:



*Love yourself.


You are beautiful.

You are a cluster of stars and nebula’s consistently creating a reality based on the decisions you make and the frequency of your thoughts & energy. The person you see in the mirror is of your own creation. Love or hate what you see, it can always be molded further to reach its golden potential!

Eat a nutritious diet, develop a healthy morning routine, invest extra savings into something promising, and go after the type of work that makes you happy.

Please love the flaws about yourself- because guess what? No one shares that trait with you. It is your trait alone, and that is beautiful. I encourage you to accept the things that you believe are hindering your comfort and happiness, and realize that they can be changed as soon as you decide to work for the change.

There is always an answer. The question is: Are you willing to make the effort?

Well, I can tell you one thing. I appreciate you. Whoever you are, you stumbled upon this page for a reason. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading, and if you are a returning reader I am ever-grateful!

Whatever you are going through right now will not be the same in a few months, ya know? If you allow in love for yourself and understanding for the situation things can go much smoother, and you aren’t tense the whole time. Relationships suffer much less, health improves, and motivation returns.

I want to see more of y’all searching for happiness, not readily accepting self-hate and pessimism into your life. Life will always be crazy, so enjoy the ride.



Happy New Year!.jpg

Thank you so much, and have a wonderful year. Namaste.





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