Holiday Dog-Bed

Happy Holiday’s Y’all!

‘Tis the season for giving!

I’ve never been a fan of the winter; it’s cold and wet. However the season to give love and special gifts always brings excitement and joy to my life.

Personally, handmade gifts are the best. I thoroughly enjoy putting special time and care into a gift that brings joy to the receiver.

This Christmas I had purchased a few fleece blankets for my puppy Kasper, because he loved to cuddle into a pile of fuzzy blankets. The most adorable light-blue snowflake blanket looked perfect to turn into a bed for a Christmas present.

Pillows are so easy to make, and a large one is always perfect for a puppy, dog, or even cat to lie on!

Kasper had passed away a few days later, so I made the pillow for our new puppy Ella. The elegant snowflakes fit her so well ūüôā


This is incredibly easy to make, and depending on your sewing skills- or whether or not you have a machine- the process can be quick as well! I’m new to sewing, so it took about an hour and a half to sew this large pillow. I imagine if you’re experienced this could take as little as a half an hour by hand.

Customize with any color, design, or material blanket suits best!

Gift someone special this holiday with a beautiful hand-made pillow!

Any family member, puppy or child will love the soft comfort.




~Any comfortable holiday blanket will do! We chose fleece for Kasper, but cotton or silk will also do.

~A quality pair of scissors

~Sewing supplies: thread and needle

~Cotton stuffing



Step 1:



Cut the sewn edges of the blanket all the way around. This creates a new canvas to sew the inner edges!


Step 2:

Fold the blanket evenly in half *hamburger style* ūüėČ

Fold it one more time. The blanket should be 1/4.

Cut all edges so there are four equal pieces. Set two aside.


Step 3:

Flip the two pieces inside out and line every edge together.

Grab your sewing supplies, pick the closest color match, thread your needle, and get started!


Start at any corner and work your way around all edges.  Make sure your line is thick, so they do not bust. Fleece is very thin and prone to rip.IMG_1370.JPG

Step 4:

Once there is only about 7 inches before the sew is complete, stop.

Flip the pillow right-side-out and begin stuffing. I used about a package and a half for my preference.


Once full, finish the sew and tie it off!

You now have an awesome pillow or a dog bed!!!


It turned out so beautiful! Super comfortable and only about $15 opposed to $35 at the stores! IMG_1372.JPG




I think it would have been Kasper approved ūüėČ




Share your creations with us here! We love seeing a fellow furry friend!


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This is for you, Little Foot.


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