Christmas Is For Family

Ahhh the holidays. A time of delicious eats, snow to play in, and cozy pajamas.

Working from home is one of the best things during this time of year.

Fun posts like hot chocolate recipes and Holiday DIY’s are circulating like crazy, work is incredibly busy for everyone and life outside of work seems to get crazier by the day.

Sometimes, though, when life is its craziest- chores need done, business needs ran, and meetings are scheduled- we need to take a second to breathe.

We received a random phone call from my parents tonight, in the middle of a busy work day, for Walleye tickets.

We accepted.

So, we have a house to clean for the millionth time and a business meeting and a Blog post to finish on time- but what are the holidays and all of this holiday cheer being blogged about if we don’t appreciate our family.

We spend so much time throughout the year working and running from place-to-place trying to catch up with life.

Well, today’s 12 Days of Christmas Post is to tell all of our readers to go out and spend time with your family this weekend.

For example, go to a Toledo Walleye Game.


We took a break from life for a minute to see my parents for once.

And hey, Walleye games are pretty fun.




And the the beauty of my job? I can work right here in my chair.

Responsibilities are important y’all; and gifts for Christmas can be awesome. But spending time with family is better than any gift.


Thank you you for reading and have a wonderful night! Tune in tomorrow for day 4!


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