Holiday Decor

Welcome to day 2 of..

*12 Days of Christmas*

Today we are sharing a super cost effective decoration that can become a beautiful gift as well! Total cost was about 2.50 if you did not have anything on-hand!

This DIY is so incredibly easy and fun that

you can craft it with the kids.


Here is what you will need:


~Any candle holder, case, jar or container made of glass.

~Your favorite glitter: We used fine gold, but you can use coarse colors to resemble snow and anything else you may like.

~Gesso or paint. We used white, but you can use a color you fancy or anything that matches the glitter.

~Sponge applicator or a paint brush





Step 1:

Apply paint to the outside of the vase, either the whole thing or for a more modern look- about halfway. Apply a decently thick layer to coat the vase with a proper layer of glitter.




Step 2:

Pour a few Tbsp. of glitter onto a surface and slowly sprinkle hand-fulls onto the paint until a thick layer is coating the vase.




Voila! It is literally that easy.

Brush off excess glitter where no paint sits and let this dry for at least two hours.

Add a candle and this is an easy holiday decoration for penny’s!

You can also tie a ribbon bow around the top for a more festive vibe.IMG_1246.JPG

Share your work with us here!


Thank you for reading.

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Have a wonderful Holiday!! 


3 thoughts on “Holiday Decor”

  1. Jennifer scanlon says:

    Cute!! Additional idea could be putting fake loose snow on inside bottom and then votive holder to hide paint look on inside.

    1. What a wonderful idea, thank you Jennifer!!

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