DIY Christmas Decor

Snow Tip Pine-Cone Potpourri!

Everyone loves to decorate for the holidays, but it’s fact that everyone loves saving money even more. Right?

Well These DIY pine-cones are sure to impress the family, and save your wallet at the same time!

I wanted something natural to decorate the house this season, and obviously pine-cones were first on the list.


What you will need:

A few sheets of paper to line your surface.


A pack of potpourri pine-cones, or natural ones found around your area!!


We used White Gesso, but you can use white paint and any other colors you would like as a base. Recommended: Red, Green, Gold, Black


And any glitter you want to use! We used white to look like snow, as well as red and gold!


Step 1:

Use a paintbrush or sponge applicator to coat the outer edges of the pine-cones. Apply a decently thick layer, not only so it stays wet until everything is coated, but also to catch as much glitter as possible.


Step 2:

Pour a decent amount of glitter onto a surface, and carefully dip each side of the pine-cone until every leaf is coated with glitter!IMG_1213IMG_1211IMG_1214



You have a beautiful center piece for a table, a mantel decoration, or a tree ornament! Add a few to a large clear vase for an awesome holiday replacement for flowers!






Please take pictures of your Decorations and post them with us here!


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Happy Holidays!




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  1. Jennifer scanlon says:

    Those look awesome!!!!

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