$$ Dryer Sheets 90% OFF $$

So, like- why are dryer sheets so expensive?

Even the occasional coupon only brings them down to $2-6. That’s no fun, right?

Did you know that you can make your own re-usable dryer sheets for only $2.50, and have that set last 3x as long? Count Me In!

Here is how we did it:

This is a very easy DIY indeed, and only took about five minutes to complete!

Next time you’re shopping at the local grocery store, pick up a 4 pack of $2 sponges. We grabbed a 6 pack on sale, and kept 2 for the sink!


Cut the sponges in half “hamburger-style” 🙂

This ensures easier measuring. For instance; a small load only needs one-half of a sponge, and a large load may need 2!

Place these into any extra Tupper-ware container you may have around the house. I mean, I don’t know about you.. but there is either none at all, or too many containers! Grab the one causing the most angst in the cupboards and use it here!


Fill that bad-boy with water about half-way up the sponges! (This is really based on your preference, add more water if you’d like to replenish the mix less often! Of course, you’d need to add extra softener accordingly.


Pick your favorite fabric softener! We use Downy Free&Clear, as it has less chemical additives.


Add about 2 lids of softener, and squeeze the sponges to mix it in.


Add peppermint for a fresh seasonal scent!  We used essential oils because we have roommates with sensitive skin.


You can lightly squeeze a sponge (not all the way, just enough to stop dripping) and throw it in the dryer with the wet clothes! It will come out completely dried and ready to be added to the container! 🙂 This reduces static on clothes, and adds a soft scent and feel to clothing.

Re-use these over and over until the mix is low- which only needs extra water and softener! You barely spend .60 cents after the initial buy!

Image-1 (14).jpg

Image-1 (12)

Thank you for reading! Show us your DIY dryer sheets and laundry space here!



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