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Falling asleep is a tough task sometimes. Your mind just CAN’T seem to shut off once it’s time to relax! There’s too many thoughts of today and the next day, right?

Well there are a few easy solutions that you may have skimmed past before.

Tylenol PM and cold medicine are so not the way-to-go. First of all, they contain quite an amount of ingredients that aren’t good for you. They are pretty expensive sometimes, especially if you struggle to sleep every night and use some type of aid regularly. They also make you feel sick and groggy after knocking you out, instead of rested and awake.


These natural remedies are awesome, and here’s why:

  • They will not harm you.  All natural, baby!
  • These habits provide stepping stones to a better lifestyle over-all.
  • Natural remedies prove very effective if commitment is given.
  • You don’t have to spend money! Cha-Ching!


The answers are quite simple, so we wanted to discuss the topic with y’all. Here are our proven remedies for sleep:

No caffeine before bed:

Caffeine is proven to energize, which isn’t something you want to take right before bed. If you know you’re going to sleep in a few hours, maybe grab something along the lines of water, juice, or tea to flush out the days gunk.

  • This will give your mind time to relax and release the necessary chemicals to make you sleepy, such as melatonin.
  • Caffeine raises your heart rate and breathing, thus making it much harder for the body to slip into sleep-mode



Wake up earlier in the day:

If you sleep in late, you’re definitely more likely to be groggy all day. This lowers the likelihood of productively finishing the day’s responsibilities, and in turn pushes bed-time to a much later hour.

If there is one thing I have learned so far, it is that we as humans will always have something to do. We have bills, children, animals, dishes and hygiene to keep up on.

Utilizing the earlier hours of the day to finish all tasks is so incredibly beneficial to a smooth afternoon. Think about it: If you wake up around noon with a butt-load of stuff to get done, the probability of falling victim to the heavy exhaustion is much greater than excitedly living. At this point, there becomes no room for meditation or personal growth because you either work too hard all day or procrastinate and do nothing at all.

It is exhilarating to be responsibility-free by 10 am and lie down to take a nap without an ounce of regret.

  • This brings relaxation to the day, and in turn effectively reduces anxiety triggers.
  • Practicing these habits brings a healthier sleep schedule, which heightens the immune system and allows vital organs to run properly.


Exercise throughout the day:

Exercise can come in many forms. Whether you run a few miles, walk/lift at work, lift weights at the gym, perform yoga, or ride a long-board; this is a wonderful tip.

  • Exercise effectively utilizes all energy of the day, making it easier to wind down at bed-time.
  • Working out your muscles reduces tension and helps with inflammation.
  • This is a form of meditation as well, and a great stress relief!




Meditation ranks 1st on the list of best remedies for insomnia. (In our opinion, of course.)

If you’re lying in bed with continuous thoughts of the day, the key is to focus your mind.

The most simple way to do this is to lie in bed with every light, sound and piece of technology turned off- and breathe. Focus only on your breath, and relax each muscle until every ounce of tension is released.

Every time your mind is on a thought other than the breath flowing through your lungs; re-focus. Any time your muscles react to a thought and tense up; focus on relaxing and calming the thought. Allow the silent calm to take over your mind and body. Continue this exact pattern, and you will wake up the next morning asking yourself when you fell asleep.

You can also turn on a guided meditation from Youtube. There is a huge arsenal of beautiful videos that will ease your mind.

The sleeping guide videos are awesome for insomnia because they aim to guide you into the calmest state possible. Which has proved to be great for falling asleep!

You can choose whichever video calls to you the most, then quietly listen and follow along. You will usually find one that calms your mind pretty quickly and has you falling asleep in no time.

This is also a great option because if you find yourself staying awake through the video; that is a wonderful way to bring meditation into practice. Every guided meditation has a goal; usually to bring calm and to open & unblock the cakras. Whether you trust in it’s work or not, it will still rise your vibrations.

This is obviously a much better late night option as opposed to cramming your phone in your face and reading all of the drama on social media.

This will also lead to a healthier morning as you will get a deeper sleep and feel way more refreshed when you awake!



Listen to soothing music:

If listening to a soothing voice guide you through a journey to a magical world of healing isn’t your cup of tea, you can also listen to soothing music!

Although hard rock or Gucci Gang seems great to fall asleep to, it pumps you up more than it relaxes your mind.

Instead, turn on solo piano music, or soft instrumentals. (Michele McLaughlin’s Celtic Piano is my favorite)

These genres are entirely more relaxed, and help soothe the mind into quiet slumber instead of hyping up about “purple drank”.

You can realistically listen to anything with soothing beats and soft instrumentals.

  • Meditating alongside this choice of music is an exquisite combo!
  • This will likely allow you to slip into a much happier dream-state, effectively stopping nightmares.
  • The soothing sounds of the beats will relax your mind into a dream-state more rapidly than a distracting song will.


Drink hot tea:

There’s nothing like snuggling into cozy pajamas, curling into a fuzzy blanket, and sipping a hot cup of tea before bed.

Tea time can be anything of course; hot chocolate, hot water, tea, and hot milk are a few good examples. Regardless, tea time is a great bed-time ritual to settle the mind, warm the body and prepare for relaxation.

  • This will soothe your intestines and muscles with warmth, bringing the on-set of sleepy time 🙂
  • This is a great time to take CBD; just add it to your tea! CBD will relax the muscles and reduce inflammation in the body, which is especially useful when your face and body hurt from the flu.
  • Depending on the drink of choice, this will offer an effective night-time detox. Examples of this are water and lemon, green tea, and ginger tea.
  • If you add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, you can effectively protect against the cold, flu and other bacterial diseases!


Melatonin is a natural chemical that is released through the brain when it becomes dark. This is the hormone in the body that regulates how alert or sleepy you are. If you are lying in bed trying to fall asleep, but have loud music and a bright phone in your face- the brain will not release the correct amounts of melatonin to relax. In this case, the brain thinks it isn’t time for bed yet.

You have to allow your body to fall asleep, not expect it to do the job even though you’re clearly still active!

  • You can purchase melatonin supplements online or in local drugstores. They are dosed perfectly to take one or two pills and receive the correct amount to fall asleep quickly and rest all night.
  • These are along the better sleeping pills, as they are almost purely melatonin, instead of a list of syrup-y additives.
  • You can wake up the next morning without feeling extra groggy as you would with conventional sleeping medications.




This is one of those tips that just oozes awesomeness.

Lie in bed and assume a few of your favorite yoga poses for about 30 seconds each. Stretch your back, neck, legs, arms, and torso. Allow all tension from the day to release through the stretches.

  • This allows a few moments of silent meditation before bed, which relaxes the mind.
  • Yoga increases blood flow to the brain, muscles and intestines.
  • Once every inch of the body is fully stretched, bedtime is like lying on a puffy cloud. The muscles aren’t tense, so it is easier to relax into the cushioning and feel weightless.



We are always here to show you guys the way to natural treatment! Thank you so much for reading! We hope you can effectively test these methods for your own benefit and let us know how ya feel 🙂


Happy Sleeping!


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