Tips To Stop An Anxiety Attack

Do you suffer from anxiety attacks?

Attack symptoms can range from minuscule to paralyzing, and no matter your place on the scale- these tips will help!


These situations can be hard, especially if you do not fully understand what is going on.

If you haven’t taken the time to really find what helps you, we are here to give pointers for what we know has helped every time.



Some experience symptoms that are very light, and can easily be handled with a few deep breaths.
-Slight sweats/Cold Sweats
-Raced thoughts
-Tendency to keep busy, can’t sit down or focus

Some also experience more severe symptoms that can tend to be much harder to overcome in the moment.
– Hyperventilating
– Shaking
– Sobbing
– Heavy pressure in chest
– Racing, Low thoughts
– Agressive tendencies with those around
– Nightmares
– Numbness in limbs



Go to a quiet alone place:


Where ever you are; step away from the situation and go somewhere quiet. Try the park, a meadow, your back yard, or anywhere outside where you are- away from people.

  • This will allow a quiet space to think, away from any distractions such as conversation, background noise, crowded areas, animals, etc.
  • We suggest to stay away from your usual areas in this instance. For example, the space you usually retreat to could be cluttered, small, busy, or loud. It is easier to calm down in a wide open, outdoor area in these cases. A space free of judgment and fear.


Meditation; Breathe it out:



This is for real.

If you feel anxious, stressed, confused, angry; anything- please breathe.

Lie down or sit in a comfortable position. Take a very deep breath, as slowly as possible. Hold this breath for 4 seconds. Let the air fall out of your diaphragm slowly, and focus on completely relaxing a new muscle with each release.

Your mind will race off into thought about anything and everything while you do this; but the key is to recognize when you start to think and snap back to focusing only on your breathing.

Do not allow yourself get up until you can walk around without a single stressed thought. If you get up and start to feel anything then immediately lie back down and breathe. This will ensure that you calm down. I mean it really makes sense, right? You can’t get up until you’re completely calm, so it is foolproof in itself.

This is something that some of you may understandably scoff at. It’s not necessarily something that will work if you think it is a waste of time or bogus. This is all about your mindset, and ability to force yourself into the calm state needed to think through things appropriately.

As humans, it has become nature to fall victim to anxious behavior, and allow these energies to take over because of familiarity. It has become all too easy to convince ourselves that things aren’t okay, when things are more than okay if we are able to separate from the situation mentally or spiritually and find the loving side to everything.

Remember that everything happens for a reason. You will always make it through what is bogging your thought currently. We as humans are very strong, capable beings, and we can control our world with our own view on things.

From this calmer state of mind, one which you can allow the thoughts of this situation to flow without over-reacting emotionally, you can now productively search for an answer. An answer that you will consistently circle around with worry if you do not allow yourself to reach this state of mind.

Fun fact: This was a very important key to curing depression. But that is an entirely different post.


Go for a ride:

FullSizeRender (15).jpg

Whether you own roller blades, a long-board, or a bike; go for a ride. This is a great mental workout for these situations.

Now, if you are hysterical, numb, or sick; we obviously recommend not driving. DO NOT operate a motor vehicle if attacks are more serious. This could allow major distraction during driving and thus cause accidents; which we never want to be the outcome.

However, taking a ride on a long-board or bike can give solid mental and physical exercise, and allow productive thought release- which can lead to a better state of mind.

This more focused mind-state allows room for optimistic, problem solving thought- instead of jumbled worries.

Plus, you can’t ride a bike or long-board inside. This gets ya out doors, in the beautiful area around you, hopefully near some trees. Nature is a wonderful place. plants and trees are alive- and pure. I mean, think about it- they live their entire lives just being a tree. No speaking, no drama, no murder; just a solid spiritual life. They communicate through roots and help keep fellow trees alive. You can feel the wise, healing love they offer if surrounded by trees and focusing. This is why you feel better after going to the park!



Fresh lavender flowers
Aroma therapy is a wonderful anxiety relief. Lavender in particular brings calmness, deeper breathing, and settled thought.

We suggest having something readily available at all times if you have anxiety attacks.

You can use aroma therapy almost anywhere with these techniques:

  • Fill a small spray bottle with water and lavender oil and spray onto your wrist. Rub into the skin, and the scent will stick for about 20 minutes! This is discreet, and serves as an awesome cologne!
  • Carry a lavender chap-stick. This is very small, easily transported, and very discreet. Plus you’re moisturizing at the same time, so win-win. This being applied directly under the nose offers the calming aroma of lavender with each breath.
  • Plant fresh lavender in your home. The plant it-self is easy to take care of, and absolutely beautiful. The flowers are always in bloom, and range from bright blues to bright purples which makes this one of the top decoration plants. This gives an aroma of fresh lavender whenever you need it- and if the plant is large enough you can snip a small branch off to carry with you!
  • Carry a small pouch or pillow with dried lavender within. This can be carried in your pocket or purse for easy transport anywhere! Dried herb offers the strongest aromas and is one of the best options for calming therapy on-the-go.  A pillow or pouch can be handmade, washed, re-filled and used forever! This proves to be very convenient if you are going to get alot of use out of your product.





download (5)

Cannabis is a strong anxiety relief medication almost any way it is used.

This method is fast-acting and natural. CBD naturally boosts the endo-cannabinoid system, which is directly linked to all vital organs in the body. This includes the brain, skin, intestines, muscles and chakras- thus relaxing the symptoms of anxiety, such as racing thoughts, hyperventilating, sobbing, numbness and anger.

In all honesty, cannabis raises vibrations. We all reside on the vibrational level we output with our emotion and thought; and cannabis raises those vibrations to be on a happier level. This brings calmer, smarter, more loving thought. This plays a factor for the greatness of this product for daily use.

This method can prove to be very effective and incredibly convenient. The best forms of use including CBD Chocolates, Vape Pens with CBD or THC Liquid, Capsules, and herb!

These methods prove to always be discreet, so medication is fast, easy, and  worry free. 😉


We hope this offers effective anxiety relief for you and your friends! Please feel welcome to share your stories, personal remedies, and comments with us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter!

Thank you so much for reading! Namaste.



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