A Morning Routine For A Meditative Day!

via A Morning Routine For A Meditative Day!


Keeping good spirits throughout life is essential. It is a much smoother ride over the bumps of each day if you are in a positive mind-state, as every day will have a bump or two. Healthy habits prolong life and prevent sickness while supplementing every moment with fun and enjoyment, no matter the situation.

It has been a long journey, learning to implement thankfulness, positive thinking and love into everyday life. However nothing has taught me more about life than those characteristics. It is sometimes tough to keep a happy energy when frustrating situations arise, but the trick here is that it’s part of life. Those frustrating lessons are here to teach patience, solidity and love in everything that comes your way- because no matter what you did or experienced in life, you should be able to sigh with happiness at the memories of 100 years well spent. No one should look back with regret or angst, because you have 100 years to do anything.

“The little things in life count the most.  Appreciate everything instead of always expecting better. “

We ave found that little changes to your day can move mountains!

Here are great tips for a positive day, even when it’s tough.

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Good morning sleepyhead!

I hope you slept well and enjoyed dreams of unicorn poops falling from the evergreen into a whirlpool of sparkle farts and cheeseburgers.

But before you pick up that cellphone.. before you even open your eyes.. breathe.


Every muscle in your body is completely relaxed right now, so utilize that relaxation to lie there silently and let your body wake up.

Thank the universe for being alive today!

You may have went to bed feeling less than blissfully happy, so take this time to accept the past for what it is, and readily take on the new day. Everything could change today if you take the necessary steps.

You are in control of your life! You are beautiful. You are the deciding factor for your happiness. So take this time before you even begin a single thought of the day to trust that you will make today the BEST!

Breathe in good energy, out bad energy and know that you will have a good day- and you are wonderful.


Make sure you wake up clean.

Brush your fangs, wash your face, take a shower, do your hair, etc.

Clear your body and mind from the day before, and start truly fresh today! This will wake your sleepy butt up, and get you motivated for the rest of the morning instead of sloshing around.


Slip into an outfit that is going to make you feel great!

Maybe you’re a man who is empowered by a vest, sweater and dress pants.

Maybe you’re a girl and who feels great in a dress and heels, or dress-pants and a blouse.

Maybe you feel good in leggings and a sweater!

Whatever your forte, dress to impress: YOURSELF.

You won’t feel like waking up and taking on life like a bad-ass if you’re in the same cozy sweatpants all day, will you? The answer is usually “No.” Sweatpants just implement more video games and mac n’ cheese, Bro.

The better you feel, the more motivated you are!



Drink a tall-ass glass of water.


Nice and cold, too.

We do not suggest adding ice, as too-cold temperatures will shock your body. However a refrigerated glass of water is a smooth wake up call and morning refreshment for your brain and ograns!

This will give you a great boost of hydration for the day, which gives a clearer head and boost of energy.

Your breakfast will digest easier as well, because your organs will be awake and ready for the foods by the time that water digests.

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Yoga is an absolutely wonderful, but underrated medication for sure!

download (2)

Regular practice helps brain function, anxiety disorders, arthritis, headaches, muscle cramps, and more!

It sure does wake you up- whether you’re a late slumber bear, or an early riser like us!

Anytime back pain arises, or muscles are tense just stretch it out! This loosens joints and muscles while reducing inflammation.

Doing this first thing ensures a smooth day; your muscles and mind are relaxed, your blood is flowing and energies are aligned.


This ensures a clear head by reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, inflammation. It increases blood flow to the body&brain while flushing out toxins. loosening ligaments, enhancing sperm counts, and more!


Make yourself a delicious breakfast. You deserve it!


To some, this is the most important meal of the day, and some just grab a Pop-tart.


Make something healthy and easy!

Here is an option:

Throw an egg in a pan with some salt, pepper, garlic powder and red pepper flakes. Add onion and tomato on top of the pan, then toss in some melt-y cheese.. and wrap it in a tortilla. We like to add avocado as well, but a lot of people do not enjoy it.



You have a filling healthy breakfast that can be cooked AND cleaned in under 7 minutes.

Who doesn’t love that? This literally takes no time, happens to be super cheap- AND filling 🙂


Whatever breakfast tickles your fancy; make sure it’s a health boosting option. Heavy bread, cheese, sugar, etc is totally not recommended to give sustainable energy all day! However with the right foods, breakfast can be a power-packed meal 🙂


Do one last thing before you start your day.

Maybe you do this naturally and already have 100 times today. Maybe you haven’t thought of this in a long time and you’re now being told to regain this habit.

Whether you’re hopping out the door after breakfast to go to work/school, or you’re getting on your computer to work at home,  taking the kids to school or maybe waking up from a crazy night-


Anything and everything you  could ever be thankful for.. down to your body being healthy, the trees, your place of living, your job, your motivation, every-one of your family members (Because they all matter; everyday.), and your pets.


We like to thank the universe for our coffee in the morning, the breeze in our hair on a sunny day, good morning kisses from the puppy, a loving look from a family member..


Thank the world every minute possible that you appreciate and watch your life completely change. This affects the people around you positively as well if you voice the love 🙂


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