Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween y’all! Today is one of our favorite days ever! Grab your best costumes and candy and have a wonderful New Year!


In celebration of this New Year’s Eve, or Hallows Eve, the house is tidy, pumpkin and skull decorations are up, candy bowl out, cookies in the oven, taco dip ready, and sage burning 🙂 Our closest friends are coming to the house to hangout on this awesome night!

We have brought the finest souls in our lives around to help us clarify all past negativity and come into the new year with clarity and love flowing like an endless river!

How have you spent Halloween this year? Share with us what you’ve done to celebrate!


Here is a few fun facts you probably did not know about Halloween:

-November 1st is the Celtic New Year, or Samhain, making Halloween new year’s eve and the time for new beginnings.

-Old traditions follow past, present, and future all combine this night to create a time of releasing negativity and living a prosperous life.

-In old druid traditions, families would prepare a silent meal. They did not speak a single word during this dinner, and sat an empty chair and full dinner plate for the dead. After dinner they would put the plate into the woods for the animals to eat! This offered peace to the dead, and protected the families during the winter season.

-Families use to light candles and walk the perimeter of the whole property and house to protect against spirits during the winter.

-‘Tis believed that on this night the veil between this realm and the dead is the thinnest, making areas where land/water, different territories and bridges ‘holy’ areas, where prayers were practiced.

-This is the night witches come together to practice Samhain rituals to protect against the dead and offer peace!

Thank you for reading!

We want to see the best costumes, meditation set ups, candy mountains from a successful trick-or-treat trip, and the chillest parties!

Share your pictures on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #PseudoHalloween and we will share on all social media!

Have a wonderful day 🙂



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