Cramp Remedies; Because F That

This is it. Mother Nature has got’Chya by the balls.


You know the tidal wave is coming when you start grump at the tiniest things, say no (or YES!) to sex, and feel that slight tightness in your lower abdomen.

Chocolate suddenly sounds extra good when it’s mentioned, too. Doesn’t it?

And Maaaaaaaaan, cramps sure SUCK.


We believe a calm, wise female etiquette is important.

But there isn’t anything else that makes us want to stomp around, whining like a toddler more than a cramp-y abdomen does. And we cant be the only ones.

We’ve tried the pain medication and squish pillow methods; but we all know that doesn’t work too well.


Well we’re here to give you ladies some sweet, sweet relief to V-Day treacheries!

Try these methods to ease cramps away better than ever!



Did you know that bananas help reduce cramps?

They contain potassium and B6 which help by lowering the amount of water the body retains!


Bananas have been a well-known remedy for leg cramps in athletes for years!

So grab a banana or two next time you’re hunching over, girl!


This is a personal favorite, because yoga is the bomb.


Let’s be honest; this is usually you- right? Same.

But, What is better than stretching and relaxing your body in a silent room?

We’ll wait….


Nothing, right? We agree.

This is especially helpful when your abdomen is tight and cramp-y, or your head keeps pounding. So stretch those muscles, breathe away the pain, and allow your insides to relax!


This is a form of meditation that will reduce headaches, relieve anxiety, and clear a scattered brain! (Because even when we don’t want to admit we’re a typical hormonal brat sometimes…we totally are. Even the chillest of chill women get grumpy when hormones fly up and down for a week.)



Cannabis is exploding in the feminist world! This form of medication is absolutely THE BOMB with anything that has to do with the time of the month!

Headache, backache, cramps, scattered brain, joint pain, and more- ALL GONE. We’re not kidding.


For example, “on day 2 I had been sitting on the couch for a consecutive 12 hours with hella cramps and a killer migraine.

After so long of complaining, Tyler walks up with CBD.

“Take this.” He says, ” You’re writing about it; follow your own preaching.”

That’s how I know it is going to be tough to get some of you on the CBD train- I’m all about it and STILL forget it’s there to help sometimes!


Well, I took the CBD, and went on with writing.

Ten minutes later I caught myself taking a breath of relief, noticing my head felt completely clear, light, and void of pain! WOW!



Protein is important for muscle function and hormone balance! We all know this, and most already follow a high protein diet.

However; fun fact: Protein helps relieve cramps as well!

images (5).jpg

The proteins in meats (Specifically fish) contain high amounts of Omega-3’s- which have shown to effectively reduce menstrual pains.

High fibrous diets can reduce animal fats in the body- which significantly raise estrogen levels- thus reducing pain as well. Typically diets that follow vegetarianism already have high fiber and protein- due to the intake of beans.

Either way, this is a delicious option!


This is an obvious tip! We hope most of you drink water as much as possible, but no matter your habits- increase the intake during this time.

RDH0097_muscle cramps_water.jpg

Staying hydrated is quite important to ensure energy levels stay high, sugar levels do not drop too low, and skin doesn’t dry out.

Water lubricates the body from the inside as well, giving proper function to vital organs.

This flushes toxins out of the body, which is especially helpful for those who are anemic during their week of doom. This helps relieve fainting spells and other symptoms that anemia can bring.


Now, Ladies…

This is a touchy public subject, but we are all adults here.

There’s two moods during this time of the month: Get ON me, or get OFF of me. Right?

Let me give you a boost towards the more fun direction..


Sex helps cramps.


YUP. Sex can help relieve menstrual pain. When we orgasm, our bodies release dopamine, oxytocin and other endorphins that ease pain and inflammation. COOOOL.

Going solo? Go for it, Girl! In this situation, the destination is the prize; not the ride.


This goes along with Yoga just a bit. While yoga is stretching the muscles slowly, exercising is working the muscles consistently. Both equally loosen the body, just with different intensity in approaches.

Honestly though, when you’re cramp-y and moody; throwing in headphones playing bad-ass music and aggressively pumping your flex can seriously ease the grumps.

download (3)

This week is when your female energies are at their highest. Our energy is raw, untamed and pure. This week can bring fierce grumpiness or fierce empowerment!

Channel your inner sexy into a kick-ass workout so you come out of it feeling that much better. This squashes the typical “I feel fat” because of bloating, and brings “I’m one hot bitch” to the table. Because you ARE.

The over-powering feeling of accomplishment floods like a refreshing stream of joy once the workout is done, cramps relieved, and body looking bad-ass.

So get your butt up, girl!



Cramps are seriously No Bueno.

But with these remedies, you don’t have to keel over and die! Good luck with V-day!

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