4 Ways To Use CBD


Different medical properties of cannabis absorb through different methods of use.

Cannabis treatment does not ever have to center around actively smoking at all; there is a whole world out there past that one avenue!

Gourmet Chef’s are concocting delicious 5 star recipe’s, companies are dropping cannabis skin care lines, and more treatments plans every day include cannabis!


We wanted to take the time to give you the tools to effectively use your CBD products!

Oral Consumption

The most common use of CBD is oral consumption!

This absorbs the properties directly into the bloodstream through the intestines, and gives the highest benefits for your inner systems.

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Treatment includes taking capsules, a quick shot of infused oil, drinking a beverage mix, consuming the herb, and drinking infused tea.

We recommend this for our non-smoking patients that want a high medical dosage!

Skin Absorption

You can infuse CBD into almost any topical products to heighten the skin benefits!

CBD is exquisite for anti-aging, skin repair, and anti-cancer benefits- it even effectively reduces acne  🙂

Did you know that your skin is your biggest organ? If you hadn’t, you now know how essential it is to care for the skin!

Always moisturize, clean, and detoxify to ensure optimal health. This prevents skin disorders, varying skin cancers, dry skin, callus’s, eczema and more.

Our favorite product is CBD Salve. (Coming soon to Pseudo’s Shop!)


Our salve is cram-packed with minerals and vitamins to nourish and protect skin!

Use on a burn or cut to soothe and heal, apply to chapped lips to moisturize and prevent cracking, or even heal a cold sore. GREAT for eczema and psoriasis symptoms.

We have taken many months to formulate our favorite recipe to offer the highest quality medicinal benefits!

There are ZERO low quality oils (Corn, soy, palm) and no harsh additives!


We create a calming aroma with high quality essential oils while allowing the beautiful oils and herbs themselves to color our Salve.

Any time you need a moisturizer, anti-bacterial cream, chap-stick, burn cream, or hair growth serum, this product will work wonders!

Aside from the essential oils, you can literally EAT this salve! If we used food grade oils, the salves would be 100% consumable.

We strive very hard for this, as formulating products safe for children&pets is dear to our hearts. They get into everything…  and yet our homes are filled with chemicals that can harm with one drop. Which we think is a nightmare.

Our product instead contains anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti- oxidant properties!! Effectively protects against infections, cold sores, skin disorders, burns and more!

For those who always purchase the Pure Oil, you can mix that into any lotion, soap or mask that you have on-hand 🙂

Delicious Foodies

We loooove food. Who doesn’t?

Of course businesses are creating the finest edible dishes with CBD, because it’s as easy as adding an oil!


We personally have tried home-made caprese pasta, alfredo, soup and pad thai with CBD oil. Man, is it good.

And talk about eating a dish that gives you a boost of energy and health!

This gives CBD an immediate release from the inside, giving optimal results for blood disorders, IBS, acid re-flux, brain disorders, and more.

By far one of the most delicious ways to introduce CBD; especially if you love food like we do!

 Vape Liquid

For our smoking/vaping friends, you will love to know that you can add this into E-Liquid!


Now, You have a few options here.

Isolate is easily added to any flavored liquid you already have. We completely understand that Candy Mountain, Unicorn Farts and Dragon’s Blood are pretty hard to let go of- so just add the CBD right into your favorite bottle- and voila!

Still, those contain high amounts of alcohols and additives. We have found that pure VG is a great vape ingredient. The hit is smoother, the flavor is stronger- and let’s not forget the best part: More VG=More Cloud.

Our vape liquid contains only pure VG, food grade essential oils such as orange, lemon or grapefruit, and CBD Isolate! Honestly, any other types of ingredients are just extra. They have their purpose, as everything does- however most prove to be more harmful than helpful!

We have formulated a sexy blend with a smooth, flavorful, cloudy hit.

This is a great way to take CBD on the go! Just slip your pen into your car, purse or pocket and you can have a perfectly dosed medication ANYWHERE 🙂 There is no smell, other than the sweet aroma of chosen fruits.

For heavy cigarette and tobacco smokers, CBD vaping is a wonderful alternative to the more dangerous habits. The same uplifted energy and relaxed muscle is given, while never giving a hard crash or headache. Plus the absence of arsenic, carbon monoxide, ammonia and formaldehyde is essential to a healthful life!


Happy vaping 🙂



CBD isn’t just for smokers by ANY means, and we wanted to explain to y’all exactly how you can implement this medication otherwise. There’s no reason to feel you have to take on habits that aren’t your cup of tea, when it is so simple to eat, vape or moisturize with CBD!

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Thank you for opening up to natural medicine and reading this article! See you next time 🙂




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