How To Kick The Flu: A Survival Guide


Ahhhhh… the season to cozy into an over-sized sweater, knit hat, and our favorite boots while sipping a piping hot cup of cocoa. The air is crisp and the trees colorful; beautiful distractions from the cold that’s kicking your butt.

Ah, yes..

A thick stuffy nose putting pressure on your whole face, still running consistently; a pounding headache, pinching body aches, high fevers causing sweating but also painful coldness…


We all get ’em… we all hate ’em.

As a group of people whom have grown up getting bronchitis and pneumonia every winter, we totally understand the frustration.. amazingly we have found remedies that are less expensive than the ones we’ve always stuck by, and now have fewer/quicker colds every year!

Yeah, the typical over-counter Alka-Seltzer or Mucinex helps until about thirty minutes later when your stuffy nose comes right back and gives a mental crash like no-other. Not to mention regular use of those pharmaceuticals ends up lengthening the cold a few days.

We find ourselves praying by day 5 that the cold will end, while rubbing our crusted-sore nose with Vaseline and taking the 100th ibuprofen to make it through another day.




Since realizing the crappy cycle we kept falling into, we’ve found remedies that do a better job, that you probably have right in your home!!

We’ve since saved crap-loads of money on medicines, doctor visits and sick-days by switching our point of view to a naturalistic one!

Social media is filled with users posting about coming down with the cold/flu who just CANNOT find a symptom reliever that ACTUALLY works.. so we want to share our secrets!!

I personally run to the store at the first sign of a cold and pick up the essentials: Garlic, home-made vegetable soup, purple foods, and a kimbucha with ginger and probiotics. Everything on this list is already a regular thing in the house, so it’s usually pretty convenient.

Please enjoy our Natural treatments for the cold and flu, put into an easily- comprehended list 🙂 Please leave your comments and experiences on our site and we will share it on Facebook with our friends!




We absolutely always have this in the house. This bad boy can be a cleaner, medicine, and cooking agent.

Definitely make sure the one you purchase is “with-the-mother”, as that means the necessary bacteria is still present in the vinegar. Most brands strain out the clumpy parts of the vinegar, but they contain the wonderful healing properties.

You can add a tablespoon to a cup of water, tea or coffee; though its least recommended that way due to the pungent smell and flavor of vinegar.

Personal favorites (because F that) include adding a few tablespoons to a pot of homemade vegetable soup, or plugging the nose (even if it’s stuffy) and taking a shot.

Do not forget a tracer- cranberry, pineapple, or orange juice seem to work the best to eliminate the taste as quickly as possible.

Some of you may think, “Why the hell would I do that? Gross.”

Well, we use this method of healing often, and this is the quickest/easiest way to take this medicine. Here’s why we bare through it:

– Reduces Inflammation; Helps with stuffy nose, Headaches, Body aches

– Helps heal Sore Throat

– Relieves Urinary infections

– Improves Digestion

– Bloating/ Indegestion

– Diarrhea

– Anti-Cancer Benefits

– Stops Hiccups

And that’s just some.

If a cold is on-the-rise, we recommend taking three tbsp. throughout the day- until symptoms reside. If you catch it early enough, this literally kicks the cold in the butt in two days.

Symptoms won’t progress, and may even be completely gone in the two days. Take care to not catch it again, as your immune system ill be weakened from the almost-cold.




Toss this deliciousness into any soup you make, whether it’s homemade or store-bought.

Adding the fresh garlic will infuse awesome healing properties to any dish.

We like to eat garlic-packed foods when we are sick, such as vegetable soup, tomato soup, and garlic Parmesan pasta (Just because we love cheese).

-Anti-tumoral/Anti-cancer properties

-Anti Microbial

-Reduces Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

-Rich in Antioxidants; protecting against neurodegenerative disorders

-Antibiotic Properties; relieving symptoms of cold/flu quicker

-Helps soothe Arthritis

-Softens a Chronic Cough

-Insect Bite Relief when rubbed onto bite

-Helps relieve Toothaches






Anthocyanin is a powerful healing compound that is naturally present in different foods we eat. Unfortunately many Americans don’t actually eat enough of them!

It’s easier than you think to implement purple foods. Throw some purple cabbage, potato and purple onion into the veggie soup we’ve mentioned!

If you like snacks throughout the day, Pick up fresh purple fruits, such as grapes, cherries, blackberries, and blueberries. They’re sweet, filling, and healing!

Our Pup Kasper LOVES blueberries.

This is an easy, inexpensive alternative healing option to try!

-Flavanoids that contain POWERFUL Antioxidants!! Preventing Fast aging and Impaired Memory

-Prevents Early Aging

-Decrease Blood pressure

-Prevents stiff arteries

                                                                -Reduce Cholesterol

-Increases HDL Cholesterol

-Fights obesity

-Fights Cold/Flu Symptoms

-Fights/Reduces Free Radicals





This is something that is very under-rated.

Chicken and vegetable stock is used so often in the kitchen! Why not use the full benefits? Most brands take out the bones in bone broth, but if you look for one that states “Bone-Broth” you’ll add double the healing power!

It’s a great cooking liquid for sauces, soups, steaming, pastas, etc! You can even heat up a cup and sip on it when you have the flu!

-Easy to Digest

-Rich in Flavor

-High in Amino Acids

-Contains high amounts of essential nutrients such as Collegen, Proline, Chondroitin, Gelatine and Glycine! Typically found in fruits & veggies but only in very small doses.

-Gelatin heals the gut by creating a coating where there is inflammation

-Contains Magnesuim and Calcium!

-Makes the MOST HEALING Chicken Noodle Soup!

-Awesome Protein Source





We all love it- so what better excuse to get A LOT OF IT.

Lock the bedroom door, give your spouse the kids, put on some quiet meditation music and SLEEP. Go to bed as early as you can at night, and sleep until you have to get up.

Doing this for a day or two is totally allowed- especially when it means you’ll be back in commission way faster. Life can take a break for a second, because your health is the most important.

For some unfathomable reason everyone has fallen to this ill-conceived notion that they have to push through life every single time they get sick, which is crazy!

When the immune system is weakened enough to contract something; it usually is begging for a break by shouting signals at you. Headaches, stomach flu, body aches and fevers are all signs that your body needs a while to rest.

-Reduction of sleep induces lowered white blood cell count and NK Levels Thus Increasing risk to infectious diseases, and Increasing risk of bacterial Infections

-Sleep is essential to Mental/Emotional Balance

-Sleep is essential for vital organ function

-Sleep allows the body to heal by putting the added energy into fighting off infection




          download (2)images (2)

Meditation is a practice that should be regular. All science aside it helps humans calm the hell down!

We are so quick to fall to anxiety, anger, or disappointment.

Taking a step back and viewing life from a separate standpoint is very essential to keeping a calm state of mind! Let your body breathe, and put attention solely onto itself- it will know what to do to heal.

For those who would like things broken down a bit;

-Reduces Anxiety, Depression and ADHD, Thus creating a more alkaline environment. This makes it harder for sickness to take place.

-Relieves Cold/Flu symptoms when paired with natural Vitamins and Minerals

-Studies have shown both positive and negative (Never making symptoms worse, but sometimes neither better), with most showing a positive turn. The studies conducted by Danielle Steedman show that meditation increases the ability to fight off infection altogether, and if still contracted, symptoms are much less severe, for half the time!

-Reduces inflammation, as the body is then taking the time to fully relax and release tension

-Improves emotional stability

-Improves brain function




Soooo many people turn down water for something sugar or wheat based.  It seems the notion that our bodies are made of it, crave it, need it to heal has been forgotten somewhere down the road.

When a boost is needed; water is right there to offer energy and hydration! It will flow into your body to lubricate, flush, and heal all muscles, intestines and organs!

Not only that, but it’s DELICIOUS. Water has flavors, textures, and varying minerals which affect taste! Our favorites include Essentia and Smart Water, because they have a great pH level, and have a very smooth, sweet flavor!

Drink as much water as you can when you’re sick! Especially if that is not a typical go-to.

-Hydrates The Body

-Offers Lubrication For Intestines

-Soothes Irritation

-Replenishes Energy

-Levels out Imbalances





No one knows about this! Why?

Of course those of you who follow us, have seen this herb 100 times! There is GREAT reason for that! We have ensured to implement this bad boy into our products as soon as possible, to spreads the healing echinacea has to offer!

Use herb in a tea, or infuse into a tea to keep in the fridge, add to broth mixes, pastas, and drinks! We offer a Vegetable Glycerin Tincture for easy use! The tincture will go into any drink or food, and is delicious taken orally!

Use this when a cold is coming on, about 500-800mg 2x a day. The amount depends on what product you have, or how much herb you personally use. Do not use for more than 10 days!

-Natural Antibiotic!

-Increases white blood cell count

-Improves Immune system

-Prevents Infections

-Anti-inflammatory for Respiratory systems

-Anti-allergy; thus providing relief to sinus swelling, headaches, itchy eyes


Every one of these ingredients can be deliciously implemented when you’re feeling down! Why feel lethargic, heavy, and sick for longer than you have to!

Thank you so very much for reading; and feel better My Friends!



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