Conventional vs. Natural Treatments

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Today We are covering a topic that we share and converse about almost everyday: and that is Herbal-ism; or the practice of the medicinal and therapeutic use of plants, and how they helped develop alternative medicine today. In this opinion seminar we cover Our views on conventional treatments Vs. natural treatments, as well as a few of Our FAVORITE Medicinal herbs!
Why does Pseudo Pharm stand by herbal-ism?

We understand completely the struggle of consistent illness. We have been through many hoops associated with mind and bodily sicknesses. Thankfully We’ve discovered, further researched, and implemented a healthier lifestyle- Thanks to  the many health practices we strive to share with You everyday!

This has lead us to many incredibly intellectual people who have further propelled  us into a career of alternative medicine and healing. (For whom we have SO much love!)  Many folks need an alternative style of treatment for WHATEVER the case may be, and We are working to offer as many remedies as possible!

Today we are going to touch base on our favorite herbal remedies and how they offer similar results as conventional treatments without as many adverse side effects!

But first, let’s talk a bit about conventional treatments. Now, We thought to let you know that We do have a strong opinion on this topic- as it is close to our hearts.



Conventional Treatment: What does it entitle?

Conventional therapy is the set of more widely used treatments, such as Chemo, Surgery, Radiation, Chemical supplements, Narcotics, Anti-biotics, and more. These have become more mainstream in the last Era, because of high success rates, all the while causing adverse side effects requiring further treatment down the road – and let’s not forget how much money the pharmaceutical companies make each year.

We see increasing amounts of people visiting the doctor, allowing treatment with antibiotics for minuscule things such as cold/allergies/flu, (We won’t even get into Vaccinations..) and returning a few weeks/years later with a multitude of increasingly severe problems. Thus needing more extensive..more EXPENSIVE treatments for things that could have been avoided from the start. Right?

Cancer is one of the biggest culprits We can cover….A tumorous mass commonly caused by unbalance in the body, due to the food we eat- which unfortunately is laced with chemicals and preservatives that kill the necessary bacteria in the body- as well as hormone and brain imbalances from stress that is induced through personal and governmental ties. Examples being Families, Drama with friends, Illness in the family, School systems, Social Media, Debt, etc.

The Cancer treatments that follow consist of putting chemicals/radiation into the body to create an environment the cancer cannot survive in. However, neither can the important bacteria in Your body. Once the body regains its health and those healthy compounds are no longer present, the cancer then has an even easier environment to overload.. but with a slight immunity to the treatments previously implemented.

..But you go back for those same treatments… As if they’re helping.

Yes, it is a vicious cycle that keeps a consistent money flow into the pharmaceutical companies pockets.

“Oh, we gave you a medication for two years that caused serious neurodegeneration and impaired intestines?.. Let’s try this treatment that costs an arm and a leg!” Which of course, always brings on the grumps.


And because there is a “DR.” In front of their name… we believe every word of it. Why? Home-based research from posted clinical trials can pull interesting finds for “Alternative Treatments”. I reminded myself to put the “” There because Shouldn’t the man-made machine and chemical treatments be “Alternative”?
There are more and more patrons jumping on the band-wagon and sharing their stories of natural treatment and how true commitment has produced awesome results.

Unfortunately there is still a general misconception of Natural treatment that you can just eat more veggies, implement herbs, or use essential oils like its your job.. and VOILA! You’re a healthy being. “Sounds awesome!” Right?

Now while these are all vital points…that’s not the case. There are too many cases claiming alternative medicine to be myth because the correct lifestyle changes aren’t introduced alongside the herbal supplements.

These herbs cannot do the job in a bodily environment that is extremely acidic, tense and unhealthy. Are You still a grumpy-pants most days? Do You still eat fast food? Drink pop? Work a stressful job, and either go home to a stressful environment or sit and do nothing in front of technology?

Or some more important questions..

Do You drink 8 cups of water a day? Do you exercise?  Eat vegetables? Do you read? (Do not include social media) Do you say thank you every time you can? Do you sit for at least five minutes a day and breathe?

Most of you say yes to the first set and no the to second… and that’s exactly why we’re here!

It is incredibly important to allow meditation and over-all healthy living into Your daily life/mindset to become truly aware of the negativity allowed to seep through Your brain and organs. This is essential because it directly effects the functionality of Your body whether it is truly noticed or not- and unfortunately most of America feeds on that negativity instead of sitting down silently to become aware and expelling it.

An unhealthy brain often leads to further unhealthy habits, such as lack of sleep, anger, memory loss, depression, and eating. Munching on terrible food. All the time.

Food is a HUGE problem; Sorry to say it, but..

“Stop eating MCDonald’s, Homie.”

There.. We said it. A sentence that most people turn away from, scoffing “F You!” or “I’ll eat what I want!”

Eating boxed sides and dinners, canned meats, corn, processed cheeses, carbonated pops, desserts for breakfast snacks & dessert, McDonald’s, Burger King…Sometimes eating ten times a day or not at all..

These habits make the job of these herbs (Or any medication) SO much harder..

When foods like these with high acidity and low natural nutrient content are implemented it creates a perfect environment for disorders, serious disease, and pain.

You’re brain can even start shutting down, due to the overload of crap food, stress and lack of sleep.

Unfortunately Society tends to discredit the natural approach because they believe it should be a cure-all for the not-so-great habits they allow into their life day-to-day.. which is a huge misconception. These herbs CAN help reverse all of the problems you’ve allowed to take place in your body and brain … but not on there own.

However, pushing these habits to the side allows your body to truly put focus on healing itself instead of consistently trying to filter out the bad. Which then provides a great environment and healing aid alongside the herbs that have awesome properties carried within them.


Herbs on the other hand… were placed on earth to heal.

It’s said that for every disease placed on earth, there is a plant with a cure placed as well. We just have to find them!

We would like to share with Y’all our 3 Favorite Herbs we have used for treatment!


If you recognize the name Catnip, You may have fed this dried green herb to your little fur friends! However, many are unaware it is indeed a powerful herb cultivated for human medicinal use!

Napeta; also known as Catrup, Field Balm, and CatMint- was originally found in old parts of Europe Asia and Africa.. high in the dry mountains, and on the sides of walkways!

This is a beautiful purple flowering plant that is harvested in late summer or autumn and has become known to be useful for many many things- such as treating coughs, calming nerves, relieving gas pains, tooth aches and sore throats. Its been found to stimulate sweating, which is a remedy to reduce fevers.

In further studies, It has shown to effect hormones in a similar way to estrogen; aiding in the development and regulation of the reproductive and menstrual cycles. Also found to be anti-spasmodic, a light pain reliever, and a light sedative.

This can be used in a tea, essential oil, or tincture and more!




This is a beautiful Native American cone flower that has been used by The Great Planes Natives for over 400 years! It was around long before antibiotics took off in the 1950’s, and is recently coming back into more mainstream use again.

We use it as a common cold medicine: 10mg/ 1kilo of body weight for no more than Ten days.. so for someone around 140-150 that would be about 635 mg once a day for usually 6-10 days.

Studies have shown positively for a Cancer Preventative and Treatment!: The Phytochemicals in Echinacea are valuable tools to combat “alongside-and in certain cases, indeed in place of- conventional therapy.”

Common uses include anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties, and with a better overall immune system comes better protection against common colds, allergies, and bacterial lung infections.

Use as a light Laxative as well – most commonly in a very potent tea! Detox’s the Stomach and Gastrointestinal tract- if you suffer from indigestion, acidity, nausea, or irritable bowel syndrome- you may find relief.

We use this herb most commonly- along with cinnamon.



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One of many classes of molecules called cannabanoids- or the chemical compounds found in cannabis- that carry a wide range of medicinal benefits without effecting the CB1 receptors, thus making it unlike it’s cousin: Tetrahydrocannabidol, which is the only compound that carries psychoactive properties. This makes CBD a wonderful candidate for cannabis treatment in young and old patients alike.

The cannabidiols themselves are found to aid as an anti-emetic-thus reducing nausea and vomiting. It shows properties of being anti-convulsant- combating seizure activity, anti-psychotic- showing signs of reversing psychotic disorders such as anxiety, schizophrenia, epilepsy, ADHD, etc. as well as an awesome anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant.

Anti-oxidants are important for proper protection against neurodegenerative disorders in the brain like alzteimers and progeria, and it is just as important to receive those properties from natural sources.

Commonly used as an anxiolytic, anti-depressant, anti-tumor and anti-cancer as a counter-treatment to conventional dangerous medications!

This one we really stand by, as we only covered a small range of what you should know about CBD. Please take the time to look research more about this, and check out our site for our wide range on information on this topic and more!




Pseudo Pharm exists to spread Our word of spiritualism and natural treatment to thousands of souls every year!! We care about every one of you, and share this information as a gateway into Your own research! Take this opinionated Blog and formulate your own opinions or counter opinions and share them with us!

If this resonates with You, Pass the message along! With every share we reach up to 1000 new readers!

Thank you for reading, and Have a Wonderful Day!



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