Cannabidiol; Healing Its Way into Mainstream Use!


CBD is one of the most versatile Medications known to the world today. Yet, we have many uninformed patients come to us in search of a better medication.. completely skimming over cannabis all-together.

Our goal is to spread the message to our non-believers or our oblivious friends who are willing to open up to a wonderful herb!

CBD: What is it?

Cannabidiol is one of the most commonly known cannabinoid molecules. Carrying many pharmacological properties, it has become widely used and studied for an Herbal Organic approach to replace conventional treatments.

Its equally as healing cousin Tetrahydrocannabinol is the other most commonly found, and the only known compound in cannabis that effects the CB1 receptors, giving the psychoactive effects and showing up in the bloodstream.

This is unlike it’s cousin CBD, which does not carry those properties- thus becoming the more widely used compound for mainstream use, as this can be given to anyone, from young children to working-class adults, and even seniors!

CBD is extracted from cannabis sativa, a Hemp Plant. Grown outdoors in spring to fall or indoors year-round. From Seed to harvest typically ranges 2 to 5 months, possibly up to 3 months longer depending on advanced grow techniques.

We’ve seen a wide range of consumers utilizing this medication to treat a growing list of ailments- including Grandparents, Business owners, hard working Fathers/Mothers, and even Young children..

I’ve seen a wide range even today look at this article being revised on my laptop over my shoulder and grab one of the 30 CBD Chocolates I have sitting next to me! It becomes so obvious that this wonderful medication should be implemented in every case We’ve seen- and EVERYONE CAN USE THIS MEDICAL SUPPLEMENT.

We love speaking with these fellow activists that share their story with us and how healthy/happy they are after starting this Natural approach to treatment. It warms Pseudo Hearts to meet the loving, wise, beautiful souls we do through CBD. 🙂r0_0_7360_3598_w1200_h678_fmax.jpg

What treatment studies have shown positive, You ask?

– Anti-emetic: Combats nausea and vomiting
– Anxiolytic/Anti-depressant: Combats anxiety and depression disorders
– Anti-psychotic: Combats psychosis disorders, schizophrenia, PTSD
– Anti-inflammatory: Combats inflammatory disorders, pain, arthritis, allergies
– Anti-oxidant: Combats neurodegenerative disorders, acts as a neuroprotective
– Anti-convulsant: Combats seizure activity, spasms in the body, epilepsy
– Anti-tumor/cancer cell properties



–  Diabetes


-Multiple Sclerosis

-Antibiotic-Resistant Infections

-Total Muscle Relaxation

-Clear The Mind

-Hormone Regulation


And Much more!

Do You suffer from any of this? Have you been on the Struggle Train trying to treat Yourself or Your Family? Us Too!! Until We tried This!

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So, You know you can benefit from CBD at this point, but.. how do you even use it? As a product with an almost un-ending range of uses,

Our favorites (And easiest) Include:



This is a 99.98% CBD Crystalline Infused in a low-and-slow Process With Pure Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil. That’s it!! With an incredible 1,000 mg CBD in one 4oz. bottle, This contains 24 1tsp Doses at 50 mg each!!
We love this product the most because It is easily ingested, tastes great, and mixes into ANYTHING!
-Toss a teaspoon into your Pop, Tea, Coffee, Or Water!
-Mix into any meal; Pasta sauces, Mac’n’chz, Meat Marinades, Cereal, Desserts…EVERYTHING!!
-Easily added to daily moisturizer for quick release muscle and skin benefits!


Our Delicious Canna-oil Dosed into 50mg Capsules for easy medicinal use! At 30 pills/bottle, Take 1 pill for Daily treatment. For more serious ailments, such as cancer, crohns, or PCOS: 2 capsules twice a day is recommended!
-Simple on-the-go Medication
-Quick/Easy to ingest
-Dosed perfectly for different treatments


Delectable Mm-melt in your mouth chocolate squares, infused with 10mg CBD Each!!!

These do not taste like energy chews… all chewy and poop flavored.. No, these are made from the finest Ghirardelli milk chocolate and Organic Coconut oil ONLY!! No added caffeine, sugars, or preservatives.

Allow the Immediate Relief of CBD Into your life with these awesome little squares of goodness 🙂
-Organic recipe
-Fast release, making these especially perfect for Anxiety attacks and headaches!
-Delicious Melty Chocolate
– Easy to travel
-Great for young-ins who do not like pills!


The 99.98% CBD Isolate itself! We offer This in 1/2 gram and 1 gram Increments!
-Easily infused into your favorite oils- perfect for our patients that are allergic to coconut
-Drop a very small amount into any drink, food or skin product for YOUR OWN dosages!!
-Great for Cancer patients, or other patients that need a higher dosage everyday!
-Can be smoked- added to cigarettes, Hookah, Rigs, and vape liquids!



Available upon request.

Email us here for inquires!

NO expensive starter packs! NO Subscriptions! NO sign-up fee! Easy for bulk buyers!

WHOLESALE Prices Always!

Easily purchased online and sent right to your door.

This is important. Medicine should NOT be expensive. The available CBD Products are currently way over priced, and not even readily available to our local friends here in Ohio.

Pseudo’s  line of Organic, Low-Cost CBD Products is being spread EVERYWHERE to reach as many people in Ohio searching for medicine as we can!

THANK YOU for adding to the effort by reading and sharing

They do not know unless they see it!

This is the SMOOTHEST way to bring Natural healing into Your Life!.

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