Napeta Cataria



Napeta Cataria
Napeta, also known as: Catnip, Catmint, Catrup, and Field Balm; is a perennial flower of the mint family, originating in Old parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia. Usually found naturally next to sidewalks, wooded areas, or in the mountains!

This plant is grown from spring to fall, in well-lit to lightly shaded (in hot) areas. It is a plant that can be easily up kept- as long as there’s drainage, occasional watering/rain, and a good amount of sunlight- Napeta will do most of the work on its own!

Harvested in late summer to late autumn-depending on when in the spring seeds are planted. Cut and gather the stems and flowers, hang upside down- and dry.

Mainstream uses of Napeta include giving the dried herb to cats for a slight euphoria!

Having an opposite effect on humans, it has proven to calm nerves, induce sleep, treat coughs, colds, and pneumonia; relieve gas pains, relieve tooth aches, sore throats, and fevers.

Having slight hormonal effects similar to estrogen, it helps muscle and menstrual cramps. Ancient remedies used Field Balm as an herbal tea to relieve infant colic.

It is also Anti-flatulent, Antispasmodic, Anti-stringent, a light pain reliever, light sedative, stimulates sweating-thus reducing fevers, and settles Indigestion.

This wonder herb contains Tannin’s, Anti-oxidants, Flavanoids, Vitamins C&E, Chromium, Iron, Potassium, Selenium and Cobalt.

-Capsules or Tinctures are used for headaches and nervous disorders
-Shampoos are used to treat Dandruff
-Lotions help treat Acne

-Longterm-use may lower iron absorbtion and a few other minerals.
-Do not take during Pregnancy.


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