Diet Plan for Leaky Gut: How a lazy Dieter Stays on Track..Kinda

Do you look at your body and dislike what you see? Me too, girl. Do you Love pizza and cheeseburgers? Me too

Here’s how i stay on track of a healthy diet…Kinda.

First of all, for those who are new here- i Have PCOS, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Insulin Resistance and other blah-blah-whatevers. I have to stay away from dairy, wheat/gluten, sugar, GMOs/processed food, and many others. It’s a very long list, so it’s hard to keep track of what to eat/ not eat. So just keep it to the basics. Most of you don’t have these problems, but it’s possible you just feel less than what you could, or you are very sick, or just unhappy with your weight- regardless, the diet i try to stick to is pretty basic, and will fit almost anyone’s situation.

Here are a few tips:

1: Do not call it a “Diet”. You are not “dieting” from good food, you’re immensely bettering the food you fuel your body with. We are humans, and as humans we need to eat to sustain with healthy organic simple food. Not eat just to eat, and eat a cheese filled GMO Philly cheese-steak on a huge hoagie bun with a side of oil-covered potato just because it sounds good.

2: Keep it simple. I know i cant eat most things, so I keep a small list of foods i know i love and wont make me sick. (Or in a normal persons shoes, fits theiur diet)

For me thie list is:

-Chicken-no sauces or breading, salads with oil based dressing, any veggie/fruit, or a wrap with any of those categories. Keep cheese, bread and sugars to a minimum. Keep it as natural or organic as possible. Absolutely no fast food, maybe Panera or Chipotle but nothing like McDonald’s or Wendy’s. Just think every time your hungry to eat some meat, veggies and fruit. Bam. Full meal. You can eat as much of that stuff as you want until you’re full and you don’t have to feel too bad about it. And the fullness is totally different than fullness from crap food. You still feel pretty light and have energy and don’t feel like a sloth that is ready to pass out. I also make sure to drink nothing but water. Occasionally i’ll buy a pint of apple juice, or a half gallon of chocolate milk. If I’m really craving a different type of drink, which isn’t too often, i’ll just take a sip or two and really savor the flavor of it. I just need to taste it to be satisfied. But a whole 64oz. pop is highly unnecessary.

For a normal person just dieting, Here is a good list:

-Quinoa instead of white rice, wraps instead of sandwiches, zucchini noodles or rice noodles, Whole milk if you’re more interested in getting maximum nutrients from milk, or 1% if you care more about reducing fat intake. Minimize the cheese intake; ask for light cheese on everything that comes with it, try not to get it on sandwiches.  Try potato bases, with veggies instead of noodle bases or a sandwich. Try to drink as much water as possible


What good does that do your body? The health “Diet” standards of needing dairy and meat protein and grains are false. true, you need some. however that doesn’t mean you need major portions of bread and diary each time we eat, which has become the standard for every american. You can get every bit of vitamins you need in a day through veggies and fruits. Protein? Kale and beans. Dairy? sprinkle some cheese on a salad or a splash of milk in a


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