Leonid Afremov: A Painter for the Empathetic

In light of the new blog, I want to do a post about a famous artist picked at random, or a rising artist that I find cool and worth sharing with people. For the simple fact that I love art, and I love expanding my knowledge.

The one I’ve picked for the very first article in this little “Series” I’d like to create, is Leonid Afremov.



First of all… look at him.  He’s just adorable. And his life is spent painting colorful, happy paintings for a living. He’s cool already.

Leonid Afremov was born on July 12, 1955 in Vitebsk, Belarus.

He grew up in a traditional Jewish home, with parents and grandparents that spoke Yiddish!

Afremov developed his own style early on; later being described as a “Russian–Israeli modern impressionistic artist who works mainly with a palette knife and oils.” (

He is an artist at heart; his parents seeing his talent at a young age and encouraging it.

He participated in every art class he could throughout school to learn and perfect new skills. He also actually quite enjoyed history- which I find neat.

Leonid graduated High school with an Honors Degree, and went on to study Arts & Graphics at Vitebsk Education Institute.

He pushed through kidney damage and hypertension at a very young age- which he still deals with today- from exposure to extreme cold at merely 14.

In 1976, he married the mother of his three children; Inessa Kagan.

image (1)

He first sold his watercolor, oil, and acrylic paintings on his own to galleries around the area who would take them.

An unexpected loss came about in 2001 when his personal Gallery was broken into. The vandals stole and destroyed artwork, leaving no mercy; and trashing the whole place. He took it as enough and moved to the USA in 2002.

After his oldest son graduated high school, Boris discovered Ebay and began helping his dad sell his paintings on that site, making hundreds to thousands of dollars per painting.

This was the most exciting avenue for Leonid, because he always struggled with only creating a select few types of paintings to give the buyers what they wanted. He made a better living selling paintings online, employing his sons and living happily. 🙂

Eventually he retired to a resort town near Cancun, named Play del Carmen.  His family was able to move with him very thankfully to this avenue sky-rocketing.

Ya know- He’s a pretty cool guy, and I like his thinking. His paintings reflect the fact that he is a good person, and never contained any hidden messages or offensive material. I also like that they are always politically neutral.

They reflect emotions ans memories such as happiness and love! He wants you to have specific feelings looking at the paintings- instead of a story, or a view on the world.

His paintings are appealing to all ages&groups, with beautiful arrays of colors portrayed in a well-painted picture bringing heartfelt feelings in some way.

For those of us who are empathetic- these are the types of paintings we want to enjoy and and take in. We love leaving a painting feeling happy and warm.


Fun Fact: He’s an animal lover! He was known to always have pets, and was told to be a fantastic owner. He often painted his love for animals in examples like this one:

image (2).jpg

Adorable, right? I love the blend of colors, layers, and tones. I’ve tried this form of painting, and it takes a lot of patience, but it creates magnificent effects like these. Leonid’s paintings are timeless and fun. No wonder they are so popular!

Another Fun Fact: The website his family runs is right here:

Check it out, the range of paintings is quite exquisite. For great prices too, and shipping worldwide! Maybe i’ll ask for a Christmas present… 😉





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