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Let’s kick this new blog off with something I find extremely interesting; The Mandela Effect. Tyler spends about 70% of his day researching, and a week and a half ago he came to me with this video about The Mandela Effect, talking about new universes and worm holes. So, we watched this video. Basically the Mandela effect is a term used for people that remember alternate realities, or as common people call them “false” memories. The Mandela effect leads to studies about parallel universes- or realities, how they’ve been created, and how its affecting us. And Boy, Oh Boy is it really affecting us. Some of you already know about this, but for those of you who do not, strap in- you’re mind is about to be blown.

Here’s the first video of many we watched for those of you who haven’t seen it:

A good majority of people are remembering these alternate realities or “false” memories about simple things, like company logos. There are a few theories how- which i’ll explore a bit later, but our timeline has been tampered with and it is creating multiple alternate universes, which we are somehow shifting through. How? We don’t exactly know, but there are studies and theories being tested on that too. One theory is that someone created a wormhole, and is traveling back in time changing the future in their favor, and its changing the timelines, ultimately creating new universes and changing our reality as we know it.


Do you remember Coca-Cola as a Logo with a tilde (or squiggly line) in between? Now it’s a dot. Check google, the company says it’s always been like that. What?  Or in the video above, the BerenstEIN Bears instead of the shown BerenstAIN Bears? Do you remember the Staples Logo having that little hook thing? I certainly don’t. Maybe you remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s? Most of us clearly remember him dying within the last few years, a very well known man. But this Theory started when Fiona Broome Discovered that Nelson Mandela was still alive after watching him die in the 1980s, national funeral and all. But he died in 2013, right?

Well, those of us who remember the Alternate memories, grew up in the universe where those things were true, and one day woke up in this new universe. Most of us do not pay attention to any of these simple changes, since most of them are very minuscule and mostly unnoticeable. However, they’re there. There is hundreds of examples, Some given in these Links:

Even if you don’t watch the whole video- I do not blame you, because unless you love documentaries like Tyler and I you’ll probably get bored- At least try a few minutes. Watch a few examples. It blows your mind almost right away. Now keep in mind, if you do not remember these things as true, and you remember the “New universe” logos and such as they’ve always been, you’re possibly just from this universe. Ask a few friends to watch it, don’t put in your biased, and see if they remember old one’s. It’s fun- Tyler had our friends going pretty good(?) and it was hilarious! Tyler is clearly one of the people who are apparently from the other universe, and remembers the old logos- however, his mother who was here and born before he, remembers the new examples as history. Weird, right? It makes me ponder how that all works, and why he started in the old universe and switched over to this one, while his mother was here the whole time, but still with him? Tyler’s theory is that it’s kinda like how ghosts can be here with us, while never really with us. It’s a frequency shift, so we’re all coinciding- but shifting to different realms on top of each other.

One of my favorite- and one of the most ridiculous theories goes as follows:

“Another theory posits that unbeknownst to ourselves, we all exist within something resembling a “holodeck” (a device in the world of the Star Trek series that creates a virtual reality experience for recreational purposes). On this model, apparent memory glitches are actually software glitches that cause inconsistencies in our perception of reality. Can you prove this isn’t the case?” (David Emery 2016)

Scary, Eh? “Government.”

….just kidding. Kinda.

However in the same article, David talks about how the human memory is not definite. Numerous factors influence it, and he makes a fit point stating that “People’s recollections are distorted by prior associations and expectations.” I mean, most people neglect (to remember) fine detail. Berenst”ein” is more a common last name than Berenst”ain” is, so naturally not remembering that detail- we mistake the memory as the common recollection possibility; Berenst”ein”. Thanks dude, You’re right.

Yes, it’s all very possible there is a logical explanation why many of us forgetful Americans remember different facts- but I choose to believe that we’re shifting to alternate realities. That’s way cooler. 😉 It also makes you wonder and want to explore those possibilities and that’s a great cause and effect; which makes it better to suggest that for multiple reasons.



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