Year: 2016

Diet Plan for Leaky Gut: How a lazy Dieter Stays on Track..Kinda

Do you look at your body and dislike what you see? Me too, girl. Do you Love pizza and cheeseburgers? Me too Here’s how i stay on track of a healthy diet…Kinda. First of all, for those who are new here- i Have PCOS, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Insulin Resistance and other blah-blah-whatevers. I have to […]


PCOS / Leaky Gut Syndrome: A Health Crisis?

Do you painfully bloat a lot? Have a frequent nausea problem? Do you eat a lot of takeout or bread? Leaky Gut is a growing crisis, and it’s nearly preposterous to not consider it an option. But what is it? Here i tell you, along with my story.

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